And like gems, they dazzled.

[SZ] moved with an elegance seemingly unmatched by any other Hero-in-training; her fantastic flips and carefully angled kicks were fluid and graceful. She springs across the arena effortlessly, a powerful swing of her heeled boots colliding with her opponent's face. She bounces back, landing on her feet like a nimble cat, and smiles.

"Back," Gems' leader [ML] yells, and the other three retreat to their side of the arena.

The other team brandish their weapons, and have their hands raised to unleash their superpowers. [ML] jumps and aims all her weight at her downward descent, slamming her fist into the floor of the arena. The shockwave is massive, causing her opponents and teammates alike to lose their balance. A mini-earthquake, with her as the epicentre.

Students gasp around me, startled. But [DD] seems unfazed. He turns to me and smiles.

"Weeeell, her name is Seismos." He says with a shrug, pointing at his tablet, "And there's no surprise she's ranked third in the class. The rest of Gems, though..."