Chapter Thirty-Two: {Again, I'm changing a few things because, I don't know this would have made more sense?}

The group decided to wait a few hours before heading for Baldur's Gate. They knew getting back in was going to be a task in itself without the Fist spotting them and asking them a ton of questions. However just as they reaches the bridge, Elminster rushes out to them. "Thank goodness, you got away, I wasn't sure what to make of what's going on, but I'm glad I found you!" Sid bows his head to the wizard, but stays back. Sara walks up to greet him, he was the real deal.

He gives her a warm smile as he bows to her. "An honor to finally get the chance to speak since the last time dear child, we Harpers are quiet impressed with your endeavors." Sara blinks as she points to herself. "You know about me, the great Elminster himself...knows me..?" He lets out a low chuckle. "Of course, you killed Baal of all demons, we'll be keeping an eye on you, and you as well Sid.." The man shuffles a bit, still unused to all the attention. "But this will have to wait, I can't stay long, but I can help."

He moves his arm slowly and soon they were inside a large wooden cabin like building. The place was covered with thieves. "I hate to bring you to such a shady place, but I fear the only place you'll be safe at is here, in the small guild of Shadow Thieves..they will help you with the rest of your quest. I wish you the best of luck." He turns and soon he was gone as a young woman walks up to them. She wear, like most of the thieves here, a tight black armor that hugged her curves. "So you're the group I've been waiting for, great."

She lets out a low sigh, the whole thing had made their jobs a living hell so of course they wanted to help as much they could. "My name is Thina, the Fist are busy with a little, distraction we set up, you should head for the Sorcerous Sundries, you'll run into someone there that will help you out a bit." Sid nods as he turns to the others. "Alright, thank you Thina." She just lets out a low huff as she turns the other way to go back to her little gang. The Sorcerous Sundries was the tower Sara had used to get to the Gate, she had no idea the place had a name.

Once they got their, they ran into another young woman. She had long dark hair, tan skin, and a glittering katana at her hip. It was clear the woman wasn't from these lands. ", you're Sid right, Sarevok speaks of you often, and not in the most pleasant way, come." She leads them into the tower before she decides to speak more. "No doubt you wonder why you've been dragged into this..I've worked with Sarevok, he found some documents a few months ago..he's a Child of Bhaal...making him your brother."

Sid jumps at the news, but for some reason, it didn't surprise him as much as it should. "As we speak, Duke Eltan's doctor is keeping him ill so Sarevok can work without trouble. If you wish to help Eltan I suggest you head into the Flaming Fist now while most of the guards are away. Try not to get caught, Sarevok has placed a high bounty on your head." Sid should be used to this by now and made sure the way was clear before they made their way to the Flaming Fist headquarters. Sure enough whatever the Shadow Thieves were doing, seemed to be working as they slowly went in.

They head up the stairs where the rooms were. Standing in one of the rooms was a 'doctor' hovering over poor Eltan. The man was still hanging in there, but just barely. Sid frowns as he walks up to the older male who jumps but gives them an odd smile. "Ah, you must be friends of dear Eltan, as you can see, he's not feeling well." Sid pulls out his sword, not really interested in what this 'doctor' had to stay. "We're taking him out of here, back off." The doctor lets out a hiss as it shifts into a large doppleganger. Sid and Khalid were quick to kill it.

Sara goes up to Eltan, he was still alive. He takes a slow deep breath as he looks at her. "Thank the Gods...Scar is dead, I would have been too if you didn't show up. Take me to the Harbormaster...he can help..." Sara nods as Raditz comes along to pick him up. They had to move quick to get him outside and to the large harbor near the ocean. Once inside the Harbormaster was quick to take Eltan and takes him to be looked at. They were close to the Iron Throne, so that seemed like the most logical step to take on their next stop.

Once again they had to move fast to get into the Iron Throne without notice to find unlike before, the place was almost dead empty. No doubt Sarevok had abounded ship to keep his focus on his new plans. They had no trouble working their way up the stairs to the top floor, the only person waiting for them was an attractive woman in a mage's robe. She turns to them, amused they made it this for. "Sarevok told me to keep my eyes open for you, somehow he knew you'd make it this far." She smiles as she moves her hands quickly to summon her magic at them.

They were much faster than the woman of course. She tried to save herself from telling them some information. They didn't really want to chance having this woman get to Sarevok so they finished her off quickly. Sara made her way into one of the back rooms to find something new on the desk. It was Sarevok's Dairy and a few other papers. Sid takes the dairy as he looks it over to see, just what he planned on doing next.