Chapter Thirty-One {More smut, because potatoes.}

It takes some time for Sara to open her eyes, when she does she gets a face full of Saiyan, Raditz had just inched closer to her and she lets out a small yip of surprise. "My surprised me.." He says nothing as he pulls her into his arms and she blinks, now sitting on his lap. He sits up as he wraps his tail around her. She places her head on his chest as he leans back. He was still in his spandex, which were now clean once again. He wasn't sure how long that was going to last, but he had to talk to her first.

"I don't do nice..when I fight, I do it because I enjoy that fact I can kill whatever the hell is in my way. But that's not everything there is about me. I'm ruthless, I never really gave a damn about anyone else but myself, when I was sent on purge missions, I looked forward to them." Sara keeps her hand where it was, just letting him talk. "I enjoyed it, I didn't know anything else, when I..was alone, I did something. As a Saiyan, we're just hardwired to breed, at some point in our lives, I was eighteen..."

He tightens his hold on her as he moves his tail slowly. "I was so frustrated...I found one of the aliens that lived on that dirtball of a planet I was on, and in my furry, I killed her, as I used her over and over...I never told Vegeta or Nappa, really didn't feel like being was done and over with, still hard, but I have some hope I have better control over myself..." She bites her lip, she had no idea things had been so hard for him. Her own memories of her first heat were not pleasant.

"At...least you remember it, I still have no idea what I did." Raditz relaxes as he turns his gaze to her, watching her closely. "I was...about the same age, eighteen I was alone at least, hunting..when, out of nowhere, I just started to feel, hot, like, I had the overwhelming urge to strip so I did, I shifted into my wolf form, and that is the last I remember..." She looks up at him and lets out a low sigh. "I woke up in a cave some days latter, covered in blood and surrounded by a lot of dead animals..."

"So I dragged my sorry butt out into the cold, stuck in my wolf form because otherwise I would be going out naked. I found my clothes eventually and went to the closest town, Bruma, talk of the town was a crazed wolf had been seen running around just killing the local game, didn't bother eating any of it, I laid low for a very long time..." Raditz shakes his head as he gives her a nuzzle. She smiles as she kisses him lightly. He still didn't seem to understand the gesture, but he doesn't pull away.

She turns to face him, his arms slipping to the middle of her back. "We both done things we're not proud of, and I'm not going to hold your past against you anymore then you would hold mine against me. Things happen, you can't control everything that happens in your life, no matter how hard you try.." He lets out a low purr as he nuzzles into her neck, his hand once again working it's way up her robe. She lets out a soft giggle. "You're a rather hands on kind of guy aren't you?" He gives her a small shrug.

She doesn't stop him as she now straddles his lap, her legs on either side of him, her face toward him. He just starts to purr deeper as he gives her a dark look. She smiles as she pulls her robe off and throws it to the side. He lets out a soft grunk of approval, Gods she was sexy, even the long gash had an appeal to it, made her look more like a fighter. He moves his hands over her hips, this was about control, more over himself than anything as she was now placing her trust in his strong hands.

He starts grinding against her however, feeling her wet folds through his spandex. His purr turns into a small growl of pleasure and she shivers at the feeling, the man was always full of surprises. He soom moves a hand up to cup her breast, he found that she was a decent size, not to large, but good enough for him to get a hold of. He leans her back just enough for him to catch her other n****e with his teeth and soon starts to suck hard on her breast. She lets out a hot moan as she could feel him grinding against her harder.

Even through the spandex it left him with more than enough room to pleasure her. He moves in all the right ways against her as he never seems to stop purring at her deeply. She leans her head back, he had a rather good hold on her so she wouldn't really go far from his grip. He soon drags his tongue over her skin as she shivers, wondering what he was up to now. He was getting a better taste of her, he loved everything about it. He moves up to her neck as he gives her a soft nibble. She jumps as she lets out a soft yip.

He pauses as he gives her a glance. She feels herself blush as she shrugs, it didn't hurt just surprised her. Once he was sure she was fine he goes back to what he was doing, as she lets out another gasp. It felt so good, his sharp teeth grazing at her skin. She could feel his canines grow slightly, the part of him that was the Ōzaru was showing itself just slightly. All Saiyans had a tendency to let part of their more alien nature slip during anything intimate. He was lost in the moment however, with the sounds she was now making, made him go faster against her.

It felt so good, the only thing stopping him from taking her fully was his spandex. A small part of him wish it wasn't there. But no, he was determined, one way or another he was going to learn to control the primal part of his brain that only wanted sex. She was more than that to him, or so much more than just a fling he wanted. He lets out a grunt, he was so close. By her scent, she was close to he soon shifts as he lays over her, now using his full weight over her. It doesn't take long as he hits his climax, hard as he feels her fluids soak into his spandex as well.

He lays there for a minute, panting deeply. She lays under him, running her hands through his thick hair. She really had to hand it to him, he managed to stay in control, for a little bit. She pulls him in as she lets out a low sound. "Close your eyes..." He frowns, but does as she ask. She places her lips on his, and gets him to open up to her. The next thing he knows her tongue was in HIS mouth. He purrs gently as he soon starts to figure how how this works. She pulls away, leaving him breathless. Okay so maybe he can get used to this whole kissing thing as he whips his tail behind him.