Chapter Thirty:

Killing Sarevoks assassins was easy, finding a way out was going to be the hard part. Sara had just barely moved when she ran into a large spiders next. She lets out a soft scream as she aims a fire arrow at the closes spider as it burst into flames. Sid works on looting the assassins, finding orders from Sarevok himself that the man they killed Prat was to sit there until he killed Sid. Imoen helps out in picking out a few useful items when she hears Sara let out a yelp. Jaheira joins the girl in killing some of the spiders.

They keep checking the bodies, but not one of them had a map of the layout of these caverns. So it was going to be trial and error, and this place was large. Sara keeps her head low as she now uses her sense of smell to see if she couldn't pinpoint anything that could help them. She moves slowly, only to walk into a large side area. It was another nest, that belonged to a very large basilisk. She backs away slowly as she points out a different path.

They had to be careful, there was more than one basilisk roaming the area judging the amount statues that now lined the area. "Just how many people were down here?" Sid looks one of them over and blinks. "Hey we know this guy, he used to work for the Watchers, he vanished one day, guess this is where he ended up." Imoen gives it some thought. "Maybe people knew about these tunnels and snuck into the library to not get caught leaving, that was until the basilisk found them." Sara shakes her head as she places her hand on the statue, there was no point on trying to save this one.

For the most part, it was possible to save someone that had been turned to stone. However if to much time passed, the body would simply become more like the stone and bringing them back would just kill them, or fail. Sara moves away as she leans her head up, she couldn't smell anything like this. "Bah, this is getting me nowhere, all I smell is stone, and...I don't really feel like talking about the other thing.." Imoen makes a face. "Eww...poop." "Yeah.."

They finally find a long path that made its way up to where the surface was. Sid blinks one someone walks up to him. Seems he had been guarding this spot. "It's about damn time Prat, how long does it take to kill one person?" He shakes his head as he just keeps talking. "Doesn't matter, Sarevok said to report to the Iron Throne right away, he'll give you the details once you get there.." Sid moves close as he thrusts his sword into the mans chest. "Thanks for the info." The man falls over dead as they step out.

It was midday, partly cloudy and Sid had never been happier to be outside. Sara wanted to kiss the ground the minute they got out as the rest seem to take in a long deep breath of fresh air. Sid turns to the party as he puts his sword away. "So we go to Baldur's Gate...we might have to lay low so the Fist doesn't spot us.." Imoen looks down as she nods slowly as Sara crosses her arms. "I hate going in blind..but as of right now I guess that's the best plan we have."

With that, they went the long way, traveling south a few miles before turning east, than north toward the Friendly Arm Inn. For the most part, it was a quiet walk, they made sure to avoid the main roads in case any of the Flaming Fist were protroling. As they got closer to the inn it was slowly getting dark. However as the day gave away to the night, a dull glow covered the land. Raditz didn't want to look up. "It's a full moon."

Sara looks up for him and nods. "That it is...and holy crap we need to get inside don't we?" He gives her a slow nod as she turns to Sid. The man was already heading for the inn so he agreed that they should just spend the night here. Raditz shakes his head a bit, rather happy to be inside now. Sara pats his back as Imoen looks up at him. "So what's it like, when you change?" Raditz raises his brow at the girl. "It's...just a natural part of what I am, all Saiyans can transform, unless I got rid of my tail, and I refuse."

Sara rolls her eyes a bit. "No one said you had to, besides it'll give us some time to at least work out some plan...because so far it just looks like it's sneak in at night..." Sid lets out a low sigh as Khalid and Jaheira join in to think of a plan. However most of the group was just plain tired so Sid got them rooms for the night. For once Sara was more than happy to lay down and relax. Raditz joins her as he removes his armor and lays by her. He was to tired to speak, or think as he lets sleep overcome him.

He doesn't wake up until early the next morning. He blinks as he finds he had moves closer to his bedmate. He had curled up around her, even his tail was wrapped around her as he held her close. She did not seem to mind as she nuzzled into him, still asleep. Raditz felt a small twitch as he smiles, running his hand over her face. There was so much of his past she still didn't know, he would tell her, she had to know before he took this farther. For now he watches her sleep, by the looks of it she really needed the rest.