Chapter Twenty-Nine:

The catacombs proved to be far more guarded then they thought. The place had been used, often by the number of traps Sara had by now disarmed. Didn't help that they were often attacked by large spiders, and even a few ghasts. Sara hated fighting the creatures, but so far, they were making progress, finding out which hallways seem to only lead to dead ends. After awhile they find their way into a new part of the catacombs and Sara lets out a low gasp. This room was huge compared to the small hallways they were just in.

Sid blinks as he slowly walks out, sword held out in font of him. "There's light in this room." Sara nods as she lets her magelight die and the others soon join. There were many small side rooms and one single hallway to the north. However Sara looks up and lets out a low growl. "Skeletons..." Sure enough a few of the undead creatures move over to them, some had weapons, some just had old clubs or sticks. Sara takes aim with her bow, surrounding her arrow with fire magic.

Raditz had no idea how to fight such monsters. He was by no means, used to this sort of fighting as everyone else just seems to jump in. He holds out the halabert he had swiped ages ago, the poor thing was in disrepair since he had no idea how to take care of the weapon. He shrugs and chucks it at the hoard, taking out a few skeletons along with it. "Well that works.." Sara turns her head to him as she does she hears a *thack* and she hunches over, an arrow in her shoulder now. "Ow...."

Raditz jumps as he sees a score of skeletons with bows take aim at them. He lets out an angry roar as he lets his power flare and he fires energy blast at the monsters, sending dust and bones everywhere. Jaheira walks over to Sara as she pulls the arrow out herself. "Well at least it wasn't poison?" The elf shakes her head at her and places her hands on the wound, healing it slowly. She blinks as Raditz cleared out the rest of skeletons in his brief moment of rage. Sara leans in a little closer. "Maybe I should get hurt more often?"

Jaheira gives her wound a smack and she lets out a soft yip. "Ah...hey...ow..." She pouts a bit as Jaheira backs away slowly. "Don't you think about it, I get the feeling he would die for you.." Sara raised her bow as he comes rushing out of nowhere to look her over. Once he saw she was fine he lets out a grunt and wonders off, slightly embarrassed. "Somehow I think you're right...poor lad, has an odd way of showing he cares doesn't he?" "So do you, but no one is judging...much." "Hey!" Sara lets out another growl but the elf just laughs it off.

After they cleared out the large room they made their way to the large set of stairs before they see three people standing at the top. There was Elminster, Tethtoril, and Gorion, though sara had never met the man, but Sid was the first to identify him. He was so pale but Imoen held him back. His voice was a touch shaky as he spoke. "Gorion?" The older male had a rather dour look about him as Sara lets out a low deep growl. "Sid." The man speaks, ignoring her. "Stop this insanity, haven't you caused enough damage?"

Elminster was the next to speak. "Drop your weapons and come with us, let the bloodshed stop here." Sara takes a step forward as she fires a large bolt of lightning at them. It surprised everyone as she catched 'Gorion' as his form shifts into a large doppleganger as do the others. Sid was quick to shake off his surprise as well as the others long enough to join in the fight. Sid felt foolish for falling for such a ruse, but just about everyone came in to support the poor guy, this couldn't be easy for him.

Sid walks up to Sara slowly. "How did you know?" She blinks as she turns her head. "I know their scent now, it's very....mucky..and not like an attractive smell, it's...slimy almost, it's hard to put to words, but it's very inhuman. Once again the whole werewolf things comes in handy." Sid nods as he looks straight ahead to see the hallway was now, packed with the creatures. "And sometimes it backfires, cover your eyes!" She was quick to unleash a large fireball right in the middle of the hoard and they scramble, mostly. Those not caught by the fire Sid and the others take care of them.

It still bother Sid that many of them looked like the people he knew back home. These things had so much information in such a small amount of time. Who knew just how long Sarevok had been planing this. He lets out a deep sigh as he looks down. "I always wanted to know who my father was...Gorion..never said anything outside of he didn't know..." Sara gives him a soft smile as she walks with him, Imoen joining them. "I think he wanted to keep you safe...for as long as he could."

Sid nods slowly as he rubs his eyes. "But now, these dreams I've been having, they make more sense now. The hunting words, the sailing on a river of blood, it was all Bhaal...Gods it makes so much sense now.." Imoen holds his arm tightly as they soon seem to leave the catacombs and enter some caverns. This was a lot different then the catacombs, less man made, the paths just carved out and that was about all the work done in this area. However unlike the catacombs, the paths branched out ar more.

Sara closed her eyes and sniffs at the air. "I smell...smoke, I don't think we're alone in here." Sid lets out a low groan as they slowly move forward and they come to a large circle of armed men, waiting. The assassins turn and smile as their leader steps out. "Sarevok told us you'd make it here, paid us a good deal of gold to stop you. We don't plan to let you leave here alive." The leader blinks when a single beam of light buzzes past him and hits one of his fighters, killing him as Raditz steps forward. "Funny, we didn't plan that either."