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Entry Log of : Dr. Tyme Valentine .
Personal Log of Dr. Tyme Valentine's day-to-day entries.
Report : =Untitled=


Skin. A mix of crystallized bio-synthetic collagen, a web of digital synaptic
nervous systems, and nano-biotech silicone.

Muscles. Basic reaction-weave system, enhanced with dragon tissue DNA and
a over-encumbrance system to delay backtime drag, enhancing agility.

Blood. A creation of my own design, blood made from pure filtered angelic magic.
It's funny how angels have the ability to create / enhance life... but are wholly
unaware of it. Then again, maybe they are aware, and choose not to due to there
faith. More study required.

Bodily Organs. Everything but the brain is designed similar to how the skin
was.... each tailored to there own needs of standards for functionality.

Brain. A complex system of pure, unfiltered, data... designed with only two
main-set goals. Exist. and Learn. Beyond that, the system is allowed to
do as whatever it seems fit. The goal with the brain is to fulfill it with the
knowledge of this planet, in the hopes that it can complete a basic checklist...

-Develop a self-designed personality.
-Make mistakes, and learn from them.
-Improve it's own design.
- ( Removed )
- ( Removed )
- ( Removed )

Kill Switch. As a last-ditch effort, in case all goes wrong and is
something like this is needed... I have- ( Removed )

Power Source. One Pure Soul, free from any influence of any kind.
Souls like this are almost impossible to come by. Only a few know
how they can be made, beyond gods of course.... and even then,
quite a lot can go wrong in the process. The soul will provide both
power to run basic and advanced systems for many lifetimes, but
also provi- ( Removed )

-ed then at least i can take the soul and us- ( Removed )

Sex. Female. Same as said before, the goal i- ( Removed )

Age. Young Adult. With the mind of an advanced AI in place, there's
no need to put it into a body that wont grow alongside it. Not to say the
body wont age, but rather, it's best to have the body match th- ( Removed )



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