------Hello my old friend, Its been a while. I feel like we should do this at least once in a while where we talk. I had a dream of us lately, actually we were back in the Deloitte offices down by ground zero. You called me for a really competitive job position. And then I saw you, dressed corporately, your dark hair matching that pencil skirt. I wasn't there for the job position though, I was there for you. So we grabbed coffee by starbucks and we just talked. You told me how much you miss painting.

------I've been doing good actually as of lately. 2016 was really bad for me, full of escapism and loss. This year however, has been good to me. I feel as if I'm finally walking towards my own destiny, if that makes any sense. Unrestricted by the chains that once bounded me, free from the ghost that hounded me. I finally understood what she stood for. I finally learned to accept that she is a part of me. That longing for death won't lead me closer to her, because she's not in the other side of the world. She was with me all this time, holding my hand telling me that I'll be alright. Telling me to pursue my dreams.

------I've managed to scratch something off our list of things that I wanted to do before I cease to exist. One of them being releasing my own album/ep. I did that this June. It's a 5 song EP dedicated to her. It's available streaming for free on Spotify, Soundcloud and, Youtube. You can purchase it on Bandcamp, Itunes, Google Play and, Amazon. One thing I learned from this release is that I need to work on my promotional game. I should have hyped up the album prior to release even more, and I should have made merch such as shirts/buttons and perhaps a few physical copies.

------Speaking of music, I'm currently writing out my 2nd EP. Originally I had planned it to be heavier than the first one, but from the way it's going it's getting softer actually. I already have sorta of a setlist, its either going to be a 5 song EP or a 4 song EP depending if I merge one of the songs together. For now I'm calling it the Pages of Gardenias EP, named after one of the songs in it. I already sorta have pictures I can work on for promotions but I'll work on that more in the future. I'm hoping to at least finish writing the EP by the end of January. I was actually working on a song before I started talking to you. I needed a break to keep my sanity in check. I'm loving how the song is turning out so far. I have it named "Her Encyclopedia" for now. I think I'll release it as a Single if I manage to finish recording the entirety of it by the end of January.

------I think I'll talk more later before the year ends. For now I kinda wanna get back into finishing the songs that are a work in progress. So perhaps until next time my friend.

This is Anikacy, Signing out.