Chapter Twenty-Eight {So I changed a few things here. In the letter Gorion leaves the main character he tells you that, he and your mother, were once lovers and she died giving birth to you. You learn later in the Throne of Bhaal expansion the she died giving birth to you is a lie. I won't spoil all of it here, this is something far later into the story. At any rate, at this stage of the game, you might as well kill the Iron Throne yourself, you'll be accused anyways by 'Koveras'. In case you don't know it's Sarevok backwards. 'smart'}

Sid was a bit worried about the monks on the third floor, doing their best to stay out of the main study room where Rieltar and two of his lackies were. They seemed to be looking over a map of the whole area. It was a large enough map to include Baldur's Gate, Amn and a few other towns such as Neverwinter and Waterdeep. The group went into the room slowly, the three to busy with their plotting to really notice them. Sara pulls out her bow, for the first time in a long time. She takes a shot, and hits the man standing just to the right of Rieltar.

Sid just stares at her wide eyed, but shrugs, taking out his sword. Khalid and Jaheira take out the other bodyguard and Rieltar was alone, but not for long. Sid was the first to rush him as the old man quickly pulled out his sword in return. However the man jolts as his back hits, something he thought was a wall, but it was to soft. Raditz just smiles as he cracks his knuckles, he shoves the old man Sid's way and he kills him by thrusting his sword into a small kink in the armor. Rieltar lets out a bloody gasp as he falls over dead. Sid moves slowly as he pokes his head out, none of the other monks had seen them.

Sid nods as he looks to his friends. Sara checks Rieltar's body as she finds a letter. "Oh's from Sarevok..he's in Baldur's Gate...Duke Eltan has fallen ill and will soon be dead, Sarevok plans to use his position to win over the people at the Duchal Palace to take his spot..." Sid and the others all turn to he as she heads their leader let out a frustrated yell. "Damn it, come on, we need to get back to Baldur's Gate quickly." "Not so fast..." The group turns as a monk walks over them with a smug look on his face. Sid looks him over and tightens his fist into a ball.

"Ulraunt.." The monk had long hated Gorion for bringing Sid to this place. He had always been against the idea, even told Gorion the child would be the death of him. Looks like he was right as a few of the Watchers step out from behind him. "I always knew, one of these days, you'd slip, always told that old fool Gorion you'd be the death of him, guards..." The Watchers step forward and everyone raises their arms. Raditz was less then willing to comply but Sara gives him a nod so he plays along for now at least.

They were taken to Candlekeep's barracks cell as Ulraunt just smirks at Sid. "We'll send word to the Flaming Fist, you'll be sent to Baldur's Gate to be hung, what I wouldn't give to see it myself but I have other things to do." He turns and leaves as Sid hits the bars. They could break out, but it would only bring them more trouble. They didn't have to do a thing as a older man walks in wearing a bright yellow robe. Sid lights up and smiles. "'s good to see you." Tethtoril and Gorion had long been good friends and adored Sid like his own child.

"I wish I could say the same, I can't bring myself to understand why you would kill the leaders of the Iron Throne. However I know you and I know you have your reasons, however Ulraunt has the city on lockdown, if I used my magic to get you out, you'll be spotted in no time." He smiles however as he moves closer. "There's still hope, there's a secret door that leads to the catacombs under the library. It's said to be he tomb of Alaundo himself, but well, lets say it's fallen to disrepair over time." Sid gives it some thought. "Can we use the catacombs to escape?"

Tethtoril nods as he uses his magic. He takes them into a small room where a large bookshelf was blocking an old door. "The catacombs connect to some old tunnels that run to the Coast, however there's no telling what might be down there." Sid hugs the man tightly. "Thank you, we can make it." Tethtoril nods as he steps back. "I'll buy you time, but no doubt the Fist alway knows of this deed..if that is so, I wish you all the luck in the world." With that he was gone and Raditz moved he bookshelf for the party.

Sara shudders as she summons a magelight as they enter the catacombs. "Gods it's always the catacombs...why does my job always request this sort of thing...?" Sid shrugs as he places his hand on her shoulder. "Job hates ya?" She laughs at that as she moves slowly, staying ahead of the group. Sid stays close, sword in hand. The catacombs were mostly thin hallways, lined with old stone, spider webs and a few bones here and there. Sara made sure to check for any traps along the way, just in case.

It wasn't long before one of the hallways lead them to a slightly large open room with an old sarcophagus set in the middle. Sara was about to leave until she saw a huddled form in the corner, chewing on a few bones. Sid walks up slowly to see it looked like a elderly woman. "Phlydia?" The woman lets out a deep hiss. "How dare you steal my book!" It jumps at them as it changes it's form. Another Doppleganger and Sid was quick to block the creature before it could attack a rather unprepared Sara.

Sara blinks when Sid managed to kill the thing as Imoen lets out a low gasp. "Why would it try to look like old Phlydia, how did it know she liked books?" Sid frowns as he pulls her close. "Guess they were trying to replace the people of Candlekeep with these things as well. With such a small area, it would had been there's no telling how many might be down here." Sara checks the sarcophagus and Jaheira lets out a horrified gasp. "Sara!" Sara looks up and blinks. "What just making sure we don't have to throw vampires into the mix if there's graves down here..."

Jaheira blinks as Khalid walks up slowly. "You've d-dealt with...v-vampires?" Sara nods at them. "They're rather common back home, don't worry I got enough fire magic up my sleeve to deal with them." Sid just stood there, shaking his head. "You're something else." Sara takes the lead once again as she smiles wide. "I've been told that many times over the years." She gives Raditz a jab before heading down a different hallway. The Saiyan just blinks at her, but follows.