Merry Christmas, everyone!

I haven't been doing too much on Gaia, as I'm currently doing a nonstop level grind in Pokémon Fire Red. Hopefully, I will have this team ready by the Elite Four soon. Because as of now, the only other Pokémon that need to be leveled up are my Gengar and Fearow.

But that's not to say I have done nothing on here. There's a couple of things. First of all, I took a look at the marketplace to see how much Platinum is needed to get some of the items on my wishlist. I was able to find Cozy Manner, which was on there for a long time, available at around 1,500 Platinum. Seemed like a ridiculous amount, but I actually found a great way to earn all that money: playing the Jigsaw Puzzles! Back when I used Gold, they didn't give me much. But now with Platinum, I'm earning the dough like crazy. I've got about 1,200 Platinum now, so with some more puzzles, I should be able to afford it.

I've also begun that RP with angelmage99. Maybe now I can tell you what it's about. Well, this idea was inspired by Himegoto, as I freakin' love their comic series. I even archived the entire series on my flashdrive. So my idea was to do a tribute here, making a story that takes a few cues from it. Of course, with this being in the Miracle Of Life guild, I had to add a pregnancy subplot too.

So I ended up with a story about a somewhat feminine-looking boy named Ashley (played by angelmage). He's in a relationship with a girl named Teresa (played by yours truly). One day, they're loving goes a bit too far, and Ashley end up impregnating Teresa. As punishment, he now has to dress like a girl, and be his girlfriend's maid. I'm hoping that this RP will be really cute, and lots of fun. You know how things are when traps are involved, am I right?

Well, I'll let you know when things go on. I'm gonna try to get some items from the marketplace, and continue that RP. But until then...

Merry Christmas, World!