Chapter Twenty-Seven:

The group make it to the second floor as another monk steps up to talk to them. "Ah Sid, it's been awhile." The young man glances up and gives the monk a half smile. " seemed troubled." The monk seems to relax a bit as he moves in closer. "Tis the oddest thing, ever since the Iron Throne has showed up, another odd fellow has been wondering around the library, I don't know who he is, but he seems to know Alaundo's prophecies word for word..I kept my space for good reasons..." Sid tilts his head at this new bit of information. "Who is this person?"

Bendalis could only shrug. "I've never seen him before but he goes by the name of Koveras. I'd keep away from him as well. I don't know what he's up to, but the cold gaze tells me he's up to no good." The monk shudders as he quickly goes down the stairs. Sid could only rub the side of his head, more confused than ever. It sounded so strange, but for now he decides to drop it. Off to the side, two monks talk quietly until one spots Sid and smiles brightly. "My boy, it's been an age!"

Sid smiles as the older monk hugs him, just barely coming to his chest. "Oh you grew up so fast, seems like only yesterday Gorion showed up with you in his arms!" Another monk joins him, he to seemed to be showing the signs of his old age. "Aye remember when the lad was old enough to walk. Never did stay in his clothes long did he?" Sid feels himself blush as he covers his face. "Guys...." "Oh yes, he'd go running through the stables, naked as a jaybird, poor Gorion running after him!"

They both start to laugh as they continue this bit of history on their leader. Sara was trying so hard not to laugh even Raditz had to look away to make sure he didn't crack. "Oh remember when that famous fellow stopped by, Blackstaff I believe." The other monk chimes in. "Oh yes, there was Gorion, standing so proud, little Sid in his usual attire, until he stripped them off and bolted." "Yes yes, took the cape right off that wizard and ran off, arms in the air!" "Aye and without a word Blackstaff raised his hand and out of thin air, caught Sid by the scruff of his neck. The boy looked so innocent, and the wizard just belts out the loudest laugh..."

Sid was both livid and modified they were telling his friends all of this. Poor Sara was on the floor, now, gasping for air. Even Raditz had to kneel down as he starting laughing deeply. Jaheira had failed to keep her composure, Khalid just shakes his head slowly and Imoen was soon just giggling as she tries to calm down. The monks didn't really seem to notice, or care, they just seemed happy to see the young man again. "You should drop by later." "Oh yes so, maybe we can find that oil painting of you on the bear rug." "Naked of course!" "Thank you you've done enough for me today...." Sid lets out a groan as they wander off.

Imoen had long since calmed down as she looked at her old friend. "I had no idea you were such a rebel no wonder old Puffgutts told me you'd be a bad influince on me.." That was her pet name for old Winthrop. Even Jaheira lets out a low cough as she tires to act innocent of the whole affair, Sid knew better but doesn't really press the matter. Soon everyone stops as Sara slowly picks herself off the floor. "Don't feel bad, try perfecting invisibility, only to mess up and only get your clothes, at the age of eighteen, in front of some very confused young men who haven't even kissed a girl."

Sid snickers at that, feeling slightly better as Raditz gives her an odd look. "The hell's a kiss?" Everyone blinks as they looks to much larger Saiyan. He blinks back as he looks around. "What?" Sara just shakes her head slowly as she walks up to him. Without a word she pulls him down and ever so lightly, places a innocent kiss on his cheek. "Come on, we got work to do." He blinks at the gestur and rubs the spot, still confused. Jaheira just smirks, to be so innocent on something so simple was priceless. Sid turns to head for the stairs to the third floor and a tall gentleman stops them.

He was about a inch taller than Sid at least. Looked well built under his fancy clothes, clean shaven save for the neatly trimmed beard he had. But his eyes, they were such a cold steel like gaze even Sara took a step back. Jaheira first reaction was to place her hand on her staff. Khalid placed his hand on the hilt of his blade even, something about this man just unerved them all. Sid steels his own look as he holds out his arm to still his party. "Can we help you?" The man just smiles, but it was farm from innocent. "I've heard about you...the Coast is a buzz with the news of how a small party freed the Nashkel Mines..I'm impressed."

Sid keeps his eyes on the man, but doesn't lower his arm, much. "And you are?" " apologies, I'm Koveras, I'm just a simple scholar, but I tend to get around." Sid somehow doubted that but says nothing. The man just shrugs his shoulders as he makes his way past them. "The leaders of the Iron Throne are upstairs...I wonder, what do tend to do about it?" Sid narrows his eyes as he reaches for his own sword. "None of your damn business." He just seems to smirk at that as he leaves to the first floor.

Everyone seems to feel a lot better once he was gone. Sid just shakes his head as they seem to pass the third floor and just keep going to the fifth room. Sid didn't really want anyone else to stop him so he heads for the side rooms this floor had to offer. It was hard to believe not long ago this little side room had been his home for all his life. He ignores it as he goes into Gorion's room and pokes through his chest. The man really didn't seem to keep any personal items as Sid finds a scroll and opens it slowly. It was addressed to him as he read it slowly.

"Sid, my boy, if you found this, than the worse has come to pass. Perhaps it was foolish for an old man to think he could save you from your fate, but I know now how selfish it was to keep this information from you. I saved you as a infant, that much is true, what you don't know however is that, the events that are unfolding, involve you, or at least, what's in your blood. You Sid, are a child of Bhaal, I wish you the best of luck in your coming trials. May the Gods be with you. Gorion."

Sid stood there, quiet as the rest of the party seem to slowly let this sink in. Sara had a hunch, this is why Gotion wanted him to read those books, they did involve him in more ways they could imagine. Imoen moves over to his side and touches his arm. He says nothing as he lowers the letter. It all made since now as he takes a slow breath. He turns to his party, Sara had no intention of walking away now and neither did the rest. "The plan remains..we stop the Throne...this ends here, before things get worse." Everyone sides with Sid, it was long time to finish what they started.