Character name: Kai Motarasu
Name of bloodline: Sakkakugan
Bloodlines to be removed from: Not applicable
Adding or replacing:Adding

Have you had it before?: No
What do you know about it?: The doujutsu causes those who possess it to be proficient in genjutsu. Physical strength is compromised and Sakkakugan owners are not permitted to learn any taijutsu. This kekkei genkai inflicts enough mental stress on the user to cause bipolar disorder.

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Techniques used:
• Keizokuteki Enmu no Jutsu [ Continuous Fog Technique ]
→→Rank: C
→→P/S. Sense[s]: Sight // Touch, Taste
→→Base Duration // Upkeep: 4 Posts // 10 Chakra
→→Source: Clone
→→Description: An offshoot version of the original Cloud Clone Technique, this is generally used to cause a diversion, giving the user time to run away. The user creates the usual clone, but adds on the 'Taju' handseal at the end, causing the clone to have additional effects. Spouting off into many copies, these clones have the same capability as the previous Cloud Clones do. However, when a Clone is hit instead of going through the clone, like it normally does in the technique, the clone instead explodes into a spread of smoke-like fog that becomes denser, stronger, and harder to dispel with every clone that is hit.

Munashii Bunshin
Rank D
Clones made of pure chakra are born with chakra networks and even Tenketsu. They are not physically interactable with, but can completely fool the Byakugan.

Genni Genjutsu [ Strengthen Genjutsu ]
By having the Sakkakugan active during a genjutsu, the user powers up the technique to the point where it can no longer be discerned as real or fake by non-Sakkakugan doujutsu. In addition to this, if the afflicted manages to find out they are in a genjutsu, it will require an additional [15] chakra for them to activate Kai. It also takes as much to use this technique.

Nendo no Jaku [ Year of Weakness ]
Rank A
A blaring purple light will erupt from the user's eyes, disabling the active doujutsu of those who gaze into its range for a long time. It should be noted that this technique does not work against other Sakkakugan owners.
• Lasts [6] posts.