I was up all yesterday morning, having gotten very little sleep. With nothing else to do, I had logged onto Gaia to see if I got a response from angelmage99.

Though it turned out I also got a response from Azure Virgo II. We weren't done with the dirty PMs it seems. Things continued to escalate from what they were before, but at least he finally "finished" by the end of yesterday. Now I could get my items, and forget I ever had this experience.

So this morning, we discussed how to give the items to me. He doesn't know how to gift things, because Gaia has changed it. You used to be able to do it by pressing "gift", but now it just takes you to the cash shop. I myself ran into the same problem, and told him we could just do a trade request instead.

It took a bit of time to set up and pull off, but we finally did it. He gave me the Dark Lunar Spectre's Curls, along with a few bonus items. That's two down, two more to go. I don't know how I'm going to get the Light and Cool varieties, but I'm not getting dirty with anyone for items ever again. But until then...

Be Right Back, World!