Boy, I've had one hell of a day today. Didn't expect to do so much on Gaia.

It all started when a thought had crossed my mind. Gaia has a new currency going around called Platinum. Gaia Platinum is supposed to help with the huge inflation problem that's been plaguing the game for years, by being a much more valuable currency in smaller quantity. I had been thinking about switching to Platinum for a long time now, but I never found the chance to do so. But today, I went to my account settings, and changed my currency from Gold to Platinum. Thank goodness I had already made a thread in advance, asking how I could do that.

So now that I had officially gone platinum, I checked to see how much Platinum that my immense amount of Gold was converted to. And it was... 41 Platinum. That's it? About two years on Gaia, and I was only worth 41 Platinum? Wow. They weren't fooling around when they said they'd fix the inflation. Now I can see how poor my avatar is.

I went to one of my guilds to check on the latest activities going on. As usual, my RP with Rynn was one of the latest happenings in the entire group. But there were a few other latest happenings that I wanted to look at. There was a thread where people were asking others to roleplay with them. The latest post, at the time I was there, was by "angelmage99". She wanted to know if anyone would RP with her over winter break.

Fortunately, I was the first to respond, PMing her about a possible RP with her. We talked back and forth, and I pitched my idea for a new story. She went along with it. So now, we're officially planning to do an RP together. Let's hope it all goes well.

While I was at all of that, I also wanted to try a feature I never did before. GoFusion! In GoFusion, you use charms that you earn in the Daily Treasures to create new items. And after a long time of never having used it, I had plenty of charms saved up. Now what was I going to create first?

I decided to start with something simple, something basic. So I found "Formula 1: Ornate Spectre's Curls". That sounded easy enough. AND I had all the charms needed to craft it. I clicked on it. Then I clicked on it. Then I clicked on it. Then I clicked on it even more. Nothing happened. Seems my computer was acting up again, so I would have to move my GoFusion activities from my laptop, to the big comptuer upstairs.

Later on, I logged onto Gaia upstairs, and went back to GoFusion. This time, I was able to use my charms to make this item without any technical difficulties. I felt happy to have my first GoFusion item, so I went into my inventory to wear it. But that's when I realized something awful.

By using my charms, I had simply bought the formula. And now that I had the formula, I had to gather the nessecary items to fuse together in Alchemy to create the real deal. Now THAT'S bullshit! Why couldn't they just skip the first step of buying formulas with charms, and just get to fusing items together? You could just look at a list of already available formulas to see what's compatible to fuse.

The items I needed for this formula were, "Warm Lunar Spectre's Curls", "Light Lunar Spectre's Curls", "Dark Lunar Spectre's Curls", and "Cool Lunar Spectre's Curls".

What's a trap to do now, when it's items he needs? Well, I've seen kermitjesus get free items before, simply by asking for them on the Chatterbox forums. In fact, I was one of the people to give him an item. So if it worked for him, perhaps it could work for me. Perhaps this time, Kermit himself will be there to get me an item. I got to updating my wishlist, and creating a new thread.

"I Need Items Plz" is what I called it. And in my initial post, I simply asked for people to get the items for me that were on the wishlist in my profile. Though in hindsight, it may have been better if I wasn't so snarky in my request, calling myself too poor and lazy to do it myself. People initially responded to me with "No" and the "Deal with it" smiley.

However, one person did donate an item to me anonymously. He gave me the "Warm Lunar Spectre's Curls". I was happy that he did that. That's one down, three to go. Then, I can fuse them.

All the while, Dino Toru came online. He wanted to know if I was able to enter the chatroom, as he couldn't. Weirdly enough, I couldn't either. I experienced the same technical difficulty. The two of us supposed that this may have been the fault of the Gaia developers making changes.

Other than that, I exchanged some info with him. I gave him my Skype name so he could contact me there. Then I asked if he was on the Demon Pub Discord. He says that he was, but he left because he disliked it. I understood exactly why. From my experiences in there, it's just Jac being a jerk to others while fooling around with some random girl. Not much for quality entertainment there.

I also got a message from a guy named "Azure Virgo II". He said he would give me the items on my wishlist, if I let him "play with [my] feet". I decided to take a picture of my feet and send it to him, hoping that would satisfy him, and I'd get those items. But then I ended up in a sexual roleplay with him and his foot fetish over PMs. I played along in his RP, just because it would mean free items for me.

My computer started slowing down to a snail's pace, and I couldn't type a single response to him without it taking half an hour. No, seriously. I looked at the time I started, and the time I finished. That's how slow my computer got. And it took so long, that it's now bedtime, and I have to get ready for work tomorrow. He went offline, after promising to give me items when he "finished". But now he never finished, so now I just wasted precious hours in my day jerking off someone's digital c**k with my digital feet for no reason.

Well, lesson learned there. I'm never making THAT mistake again. I'm still gonna need to find those other items, and a much cleaner way to get them. Fortunately, all of my browsing on Gaia today brought my Platinum supply up from 41 to 300. Maybe I could simply buy them from the marketplace. But until then...

Be Right Back, World!