Chapter Fifteen:

Sara finds what she was looking for. She found a few spells but for the most part she had found plants she could use to make potions. Jaheira watches her closely as she gets to work. "You know how to make potions?" Sara smiles and nods. "I don't do it often, but it comes in handy, and you'd be surprised how much you can save on just making whatever you need." All she really needed were some empty bottles and the plants to make the antidote.

"I've dealt with spiders back awhile ago, they bit hard, but my potions came in handy until I ran out..." She lets out a low laugh as she shrugs a bit. "But you learn I suppose on how to think on the move." Jaheira nods slowly as she watches the girl work. she was able to make at least two bottles for everyone. "This should be enough, I hope." She soon gets up and places the bottles into her bag for the moment.

Everyone was ready to head out and travel to the Cloakwood Forest. They would have to go right for the Friendly Arm Inn then head west for the forest. Once everyone was set they would head out north once again. The group was silent for the most part. Sid just had so much on his mind, plus he had been having some odd dreams. Imoen had noticed since they had first started this trip that something seemed to be bothering her childhood friend turned brother. They had known another for long enough to feel like they were family after all.

That didn't change the fact she couldn't shake the feeling he was keeping something from her. He looked, scared but deep down, so was she. They made it to the Friendly Arm Inn on a timely manner. At least they could travel without having to worry about getting jumped. Once they reached the first part of their destination they start to head west. It wasn't long before the trees started to thicken and the smell of fallen leaves surrounded the area still. It was slowly passing into winter, but signs of fall could still be seen.

Raditz found he rather enjoyed the sound of the dead leaves under his boots. Trees were rare on Planet Vegeta. Even on other planets he never really been around long enough to see a planet go through changing seasons. Most of his time was in space or killing the people of a planet Frieza was interested in selling. Something about the scent was very relaxing as they came across a large river. Standing near a bridge was a lone half-elf with crossbow. He looks up as he walks over to the large party.

"And where are you headed stranger?" Sid blinks at the elf, he didn't look like trouble. "We're looking for the Cloakwood mines." The elf gives it some thought and points out the direction it was. "It's just up a ways, about a days walk from here. I'd be careful though, I'm on the hunt for wyverns...damn things are everywhere." Sid bites his lip at the news. "We were warned about spiders...but not wyverns..." The elf nods as he steps back. "Aye there's sword spiders in the area, along with those damn wyverns fling about."

Sara holds her hand up slowly. "What's your name elf?" "Coran." "Coran..what's a wyvern?" Anything remotely related to dragons didn't exist in her homelands. They had been long dead for as long as anyone could remember. At least that's what people always told her for the most part. "Their a type of dragon, has two hind legs, wings and a long tail with a barb on it, their sting cam be deadly." Sid bows his head to the elf. "Thank you for the warning, but we must press on." He lets them cross the bridge as he goes back to his hunt.

Sara keeps her head low as Imoen pulls out a short bow she had bought for herself. After seeing Sid's sword break she no longer trusted using one herself. She was good with a bow and she trusted her new companions to keep her safe. After all she wasn't the only one that used a bow so she wasn't in any danger. Khalid shuffles as he holds his own sword tightly. "I..I hate...spiders..." Sara lets out a low growl. "Same, should have seen the ones in the forest of Kurast, they were bigger than I am!"

The man shudders at the idea as she rubs his back lightly. Imoen blinks as she runs to the front of the party. She holds out her arm as she looks at the ground, seeing something in the grass. Everyone stops as she disarms a large trap hiding in the grass. No doubt they were put there to stop anyone from escaping the mine as well as stopping anyone from getting to them. Imoen wasn't sure what kind of traps they were, but by judging how large of an area it covered, it had to be a nasty one.

Sara keeps her eyes open as well as they slowly moved forward. Sure enough as they reached a large clearing a large spider darts out. It was slightly bigger than a cat, it's adamin had black and white coloring on it as he reared it fangs to attack Sid. He was quick to stab the spider though it's neck. that kill alone brought it's friends along to see what the noise was all about. The group had to move fast as more and more spiders seem to pour out of the surrounding forest.

Once they had killed a large number of spiders the rest decided to make a run for it. Jaheira used this small break to make sure no one was hurt. Khalid was fine, as well as Sid and Imoen. Sara was fine as she lowered her bow. Raditz, since he had never seen spiders before was not as quick to chase them off so he had a few marks here and there. It wasn't to bad at least thanks to the armor. Once again the thing saved his sorry hide as he turns his gaze to Sara, who just smiles at him.