I Know I'm saying this right off the bat, But I just keep losing my Friends..I Just keep making things worse, I honestly don't know what to do anymore, Wish i did, otherwise I would of found somewhere to go..But At last, I have nowhere else to go. But wherever this Road will lead me, Wherever it takes me I'll go.

I Just hope, That People can forgive me for what I've caused to them. That I wish I could change what I did. Change what I said. But That Is too late, What I did in the past, People think it has something to do with them, yet what I say to people I just tell them the truth, Of how I feel. Is it so wrong to be pushed away, because I'm only trying to be myself?

What world do I live in anymore, one where Humanity just wants to hurt me, watch me from the shadows, As I wonder why I exist? Is that it? I don;t know anymore. But what I do know Is that I can only wish for a better life, for all..I Can Only Hope.

Yet, If Only I could be someone who wasn't so emotional, I guess I understand why were seen as Lowers to Humans..Because were just troublemakers, as I so think..But I can't forgive what I've done. Nor can I forgive the time I wasted. Too much wasted, Too much just pushed aside. I guess I'm no longer of relevance.

But I can Only Hope so much. But everyday I keep breaking down inside, Sighing because I wish I could of changed..But I can't change who I am, Even If I wanted to, this is who I am. Not what you want.

Still This is a Serious Journal Entry..Yet If you have got to this Point, I'd like to thank you for reading this, Just taking your time, to see what it's like when you're losing everything, just hoping that you could of made people's lives better. I'm nothing more than a attention seeker, ain't I?

Still..I wish people would just see me, as Who I am..Not as what they can think..Yet I'll never get back the friends I had. Not while I'm a problem of existence.,There's nothing more that I can do.

If Only I could be Happy once again. If Only I could. But At last, It's too late to show that. Too late for anything. The only thing I can do is just watch my life fade away, as people watch me, laughing at what a fool I am.

Guess I always was a Fool though, I couldn't do anything right, nor keep Friendships Instead I just ruined everything..So I know. Yet Sorry, If this ruined your mood, Or made you feel worse.

I Just Wish I knew better. I can only Hope, Wish on my own soul, Yet whatever I do, I have to Find my reason. I have to.