Slow days.

Kinda wish I had something to do. Not too much going on. Been nibbling on chocolate. It's dark chocolate with almonds. A little bitter and a rich flavor coats the tongue.

A tad quiet with the faint sound of cars driving on the road outside. A dim light from the lamp giving me ample vision of my living room.

A simple chair and table: no couch, no recliner. A bit barren for a company living, but enough for a single habitat.

... I'm not sure where I am going with this. I was thinking of stuffto pass the time, but I guess I typed out a buncha weird stuff and I'm gonna keep it despite its errors and junk.

I'm going back home later in the month. I suppose celebrate new years. Might sleep a lot. Eat some food. Think about what I should do next.

It's very quiet... No TV or Radio, just the sound of typing and faint car noises. I live sorta close to a highway, but it's not all bad.

I ate a hot pocket this morning, cool right? It's funny, I never had a hot pocket when I was younger. We did have a bit of variety in our food though. So many different cultures.

I'm sorta falling asleep thinking about what to type next. I'll endit here...