1. Be kind and courteous to others OR YOU WILL BE BLACKLISTED
2. You may ask for an edit if I feel like I made a mistake.
3. Recognize that I have a life outside of Gaia so I might be late in delivery sometimes!!
4. Fill out the form and the rules to be accepted please!!
5. Failure to follow these rule will result in you being ignored.
6. If I decline, feel free to request something else. I probably don't feel like I'd do an adequate job if I declined you.
7. Please follow Gaia's rules and terms of service.
8. Don't cancel the trade please. have fun being blacklisted if you do.
9. Please credit me when you use it and don't claim it as your own.
10. I have the right to use it for examples and my portfolio.

**these may be subject to change at any time