Liyab Facts:

  • Liyab loves to socialise.
  • Liyab's name means "aflame".
  • Most of Liyab's childhood was spent sneaking down by the shore with the other kids where they'd build a pyre or play with makeshift torches, pretending they were fire dancers.

    Liyab's Skills:

  • Liyab is a good climber. +7
  • Liyab isn't very good at woodcrafting. +3
  • Liyab is a decent dancer. +5

    Liyab's Family:

    • Liyab's mother is a Wood Sculptor of small renown.

      Liyab's Village:

      • Liyab's forest home is situated in the deep mountains.
      • The school village recently closed. [14.12.17]
      • There're hills, to the left of the mountain, that leads to a long stretch of ivy-clad wall distinguishing Gardenhead.
      • The mountain community loves festivals enough for them to span more than a week.
      • The Village Mayor knew of the Spaniard Gentlefolk that owned Gardenhead.
      • Down the right of the mountain lies the sea.

Liyab's Relations:

  • The first Westerner Liyab saw was Jessamine, a forest sprite. [14.12.17]
  • The first tiefling Liyab interacted with was Nuava. [22.12.17]


    Mercutio (Harold Perrineau, R + J)
    Dr. Frank N. Furter (Tim Curry)

    Nuava as a firefly - summer