'like a stranger' takes me right back to being fifteen

to clinging to that song like it was my only hope in the world

to being hopelessly in love with the pretty girl who sang it and danced in the video, when i couldn't tell if i wanted to be her or be with her

to trying to figure out what to do with the part of me i never knew existed, the part of me you brought out, molded without ever laying a finger on me

it reminds me of us, maybe that's why i loved it so

'remember when you hold me, i'm everything that you want and more' 'will they still love you when you kiss the flame ... i'll be your baby i'll say anything' 'you're the face in the mirror my favorite sin'

when i was fifteen i was so in love with you, even though you had left

and now i am eighteen and i am still so in love with you

and this song tastes just like our love

our favorite sin.