At last, my first college semester has come to an end. I'm writing this entry at the college itself, approximately an hour after completing my last final. My parents won't be here to pick me up for about two hours, so I need something to do to pass the time. Hence, why I'm writing this.

I'm relieved to be finished with something as time-consuming as college can be, especially for the first semester. I really had to adapt to a new lifestyle of studying and classes before my job and leisure time. However, leaving this semester does give me a feeling of dread. I'm dreading how I did on my finals. I won't get my grades until tomorrow morning, so I don't know if I've passed all my classes.

I had four classes this semester, and I'm confident that I passed two of them. Mainly because I got my grades for those classes, and passed with flying colours. I've done well in my other classes judging by my grades, but I still haven't gotten my finals grades, nor have I gotten my collective grades for those classes. It's sort of important that I make a B average or more, because that's how I get my scholarship money. Otherwise, we'll have to beg my rich grandma to pitch in more money than she would have before.

My parents are confident that I'll do well because I always have in the past. I passed the Highschool Equivalency Test with no problem, and got out of highschool at 16. I also got a 23 on my ACT, and it only took me two attempts and lots of studying. I wish I could have as much faith in me as they do, but I have to do the actual work unlike them.

I just hope that I'll get a good winter break, as short as it's gonna be. After all, I have to be in school again for the spring semester in January 16th of next year. I better be prepared for more school. And according to my schedule, I'll have even less time to do what I want. Now I know what Hool feels like.

I'll still try to keep up with this journal as much as I can. I think these IRL Tales segments are a good way for me to have something to write about while I'm inactive. Though I'm not sure how long I'll continue this journal for. This was originally made as something to do until I got into college. And now I'm past my first semester in college. Be that as it may, I still like Gaia, and I want to stick around for more. Let's see how it goes. But until then...

Be Right Back, World!