Chapter Ten: {I hated this part of the game. the first Baldur's Gate is difficult. When you kill Mulahey there's a letter you HAVE to find in order to progress the story. The amount of times I over looked it are to damn high. ><}

As the night dragged on, it only got colder. Raditz had long got used to the cold air thanks to traveling in space for so many years. What he didn't expect was something white falling from the sky. He holds his hand out as it slowly starts to snow around them. Sara made sure to make a bigger fire so everyone could keep warm. " this?" He had never seen snow, ice yes, but not this. "It's snow, it's what happens when it rains in cold places. I grew up where it snowed all the time so I'm used to it."

His dark eyes just watch in awe, he didn't want to say it out loud, but it was relaxing. It wasn't long before Khalid and Jaheira came out of their tents to take over the night watch to see Sara and her 'bodyguard' were still up. Khalid was still a bit timid as Jaheira makes her move. Since being brought back to life, Goku had taught him how to sense ki. It came in handy as he turns his head to the pair now walking over to them. Sara blinks and just smiles. "You two are up late." Jaheira just crosses her arms at the girl. "So are you." Sara gives her a shrug. "I'm used to keeping watch."

Khalid places his hands on his wife and gives her a small smile as she soon slumps her shoulders a bit. "S-sorry...the wife..gets tense around new p-people." Raditz wasn't sure how to feel about the idea of 'marriage'. His brother had gotten married, but it sounded so odd. Saiyans just picked a mate and that was that. Then again, if he had to guess seeing how different their father had been, there was a chance they might have picked up the odd habit from him. Didn't mean he had to like it. "It's fine."

Sara didn't seem to mind the pair, in fact she kind of like Khalid. He seemed like a good soul and by the way he acted he cared about his wife. It wasn't long before everyone was awake and Sid just looks at his group. "Guess we might as well return to Nashkel if no one is going to sleep." He places his fist on his hip as Imoen starts running around. "Hard to sleep when it's snowing!" He lets out a low sigh. "You're twenty years old, would you...*splat*." He blinks as Imoen had somehow found a way to make a snowball and hit him with it. A war of epic proportions breaks out. There were no survivors.

Okay well that wasn't true, once things had calm down they packed up their gear and turned north to return to Berrun to show him proof they had killed Mulahey. Sid was rewarded with a bit of gold and few other items. All in all it was worth the hard work. Still according to the letter Sid found, Mulahey's boss was waiting in Beregost. He had no idea what his connection was to all of this, but right now it was the only lead they had. The large town was a just north of where they were now so there was no point on waiting around.

They didn't get past the inn before they ran into a slim fellow wearing tight leather armor. He smirks at them, holding a short sword in his hand. "You be Sid right?" The young man didn't know what to say, but he nods. "Good good, that bounty is as good as mine!" He was quick to move, but the young man was able to defend himself before a hit could be landed. The assassin moves fast as he cast a spell at them. Sara was able to block the effects, but poor Imoen and Khalid get hit and run away out of fear.

There was another movement, and Sara looks up to see Raditz come out of nowhere. She hadn't even seen him move as he holds the attacker in the air. His kicking soon stopped as the Saiyan throws him to the ground, dead. Sara sighs having to go after the two that ran off. Sid looks at the man and goes through his belonging to find a letter tucked into his pocket. "Nimbul, I pay you two-hundred gold now and the rest once you kill Sid and those that travel with him. I await your return. -S."

Sara makes her way back as Jaheira frowns at this news. This wasn't the first time someone had tried to kill the young man. Sid didn't really like this either because as far as he knew, he's done nothing wrong. Up to now he lived his life in Candlekeep, not bothering a damn person. It just seemed the minute he turned twenty himself things just went to hell in a handbasket. He rips the bounty notice into tiny pieces, he was going to find out who was behind this one way or the other. Still he just couldn't understand why someone wanted him dead so badly.

He wasn't going to get any answers here as he turns and heads for the road. Everyone else was quick to follow as they made their way to Beregost. It was a long trip to the larger town, didn't help they got attacked half way by orcs. Sid was tired and annoyed by the time they got there. He was even more annoyed when he heard someone walking up to him. He was surprised however to see it was the wizard from before. Sara just looks wide eyed as he just throws her a wink.

Anyone who was anyone, magic wise, knew who Elminster was. The old man was one of the strongest wizards to ever walk this side of the multiverse. "We met again young traveler, news has already spread on how you freed the mines of it's current situation. I came mostly to tell you that Officer Vai of the Flaming Fist is waiting for you in Jovial Juggler, I'm sure she can give you more information on what's going on." Sid just tilts his head at the old wizard. " why are you helping me, you don't even know me.."

He just gives a small shrug and smiles under his large beard. "Oh, I have my reasons..." He turns as he heads off, poor Sara couldn't even say anything because of the silent nod not to. Jaheira just holds her arm and shakes her head. "In due time is not the time." Sara just closes her mouth as Sid finds the inn the wizard told them about. Turns out from what Vai told them, the bandits were hiding somewhere just south-east of Baldur's Gate, forcing the large city to close it's gates. He wondered in this had anything to do with the fellow Mulahey's letter had talked about. There was only one way to find out.