The story is still told of a old man, one who left alone in the world walked endlessly nothing more or less, alone.

And in his time he had experienced few loves, some of family, others of failed relationships.......though through his Family had he received the most pain....

Being forgotten, ignored neglected...and told that he was loved but "Conditionally" loved in name only by those he cared so much for.

Of his body did he feel physical pain but it was worn as a medal, the more pain of body he felt the less he felt in his head, the less he thought of Family, the less he thought for those who "Cared" but who didnt care, truly.

Its became his only respite other than sleep where at least he could feel what he wanted and nothing at all while dreaming.

In dreams.............He could see his Sister whom cared and waited in Heaven for him to come "Home" one day.

He could in his mind put in it that Heaven waits if he can last long enough, hurt long enough, if he could just make it to his Sister..

This place he lived, it was his Hell his abomination his suffering, his trap which he was stuck for now.

But all of this was only part of The Old Man, he tried to do good and do it for all no matter whom or who they or them, he or her nor mattering much to him those he met in his Life.........

(I know you who care are there, this writting is of those others whom I do not feel care...Family)