Chapter Nine:

Meanwhile elsewhere the old crone known as fortuneteller Baba, was at a complete loss. Goku had asked her to track down his brother. She figured it wouldn't be that hard, but she was coming up with nothing. Even if he had somehow died King Yemma would be aware of it. But from what the overlord had told her, he hadn't seen the Saiyan. Goku was at a lost as he slumps into a chair. "I wonder, if this has anything to do with that girl he found?" Baba looked up from her crystal ball. "Girl what girl?" "Oh he said he found her in the forest, she had been hurt rather badly, I didn't really get to talk to her."

Baba slowly walks up to him, annoyed he withheld information from her. "You idiot, you should have said something, what did she look like?" Goku just leans his head back. "Oh..young, dark hair, blue eyes, she had this funny dress on that was torn.." "Think you can find an article of her clothes, that way I'll have something to use to find this mystery woman." Goku hadn't thought of that as he flew off to go take another look through his brothers house. He just couldn't make heads or tails of what had happened and where Raditz could had ran off to.

Back in the mines Imoen had moved away to disarm the traps that covered a large bridge that would lead them to the fourth level of the mines. Sara was still having a minor panic attack as Sid gently rubbed her back. It was an odd fear she didn't even know she had until she went into an old mine to kill a few vampires. The vampires she didn't mind, but when she thought the walls were closing in, she freaked out. even now it was so hard keeping it together. She wanted out, bad.

The way was clear and sara was more than happy to go forward, only to see the tunnels branched all over the place. Sid follows, unsure which way they should go so they split up. Sara was quick however to tell them to go right after she saw a large lizard, guarding statues. "We might need to be careful..there's a basilisk in the area..and I don't have anything that can reverse the effects." Sid jumps as they quickly move away from the area she saw the beast. Raditz just tilts his head as they found the exit to the forth level of the mines.

Imoen once again had to clear the area of traps as Raditz moves close to Sara. "What's a basilisk?" "I've never seen one, until now, but it's a six legged lizard that can turn you into stone just by looking at you." He didn't really like that idea as he was quick to move once it was safe to do so. They ran into more kobolds, this time armed with fire arrows. They seemed to protecting a small hole set into the side of a large rock settled in the middle of the cave they were in. "I'm guessing who's ever responsible for this mess might be in there." Sara aims at the last kobold.

Sure enough the inside of the small area had been outfitted to suit as a living space to a rather large looking fellow that didn't look very human. Mulahey, the one that had been in control hadn't expected a group of adventurers to end his little game. He wasn't worried though as he used this time to summon a large group of skeletons, and more kobolds. Raditz shivers when he sees the moving skeletons. The undead monsters unnerved him since he wasn't really used to such monsters.

It took awhile to clear out the large mass of monsters and kill Mulahey. Sid takes a deep breath as he wonders into the room, finding letters and a few other things that pointed he was working with someone. Sid didn't like this one bit as he looked everything over. Sara moves to a large side area of the cave to see a lonely looking elf just standing to the side. He had been left alone since he had been forced to stay put for awhile now.

Sara jumps as he looks the poor elf over, he was a mess. "You okay?" He gives her a weak look. "My blade....please..." Sid had found a long sword that seemed to glow dully. He hands it over to the elf and the sword quickly springs to life as a light flame surrounds it. "Oh...thank goodness, my moonblade. That brute figured out my strength came from my blade and hid it away from me..I'm Xan, guess I owe you." Sara didn't know what to make of this depressing looking elf but she just nods. "Sure..lets just get out shall we?"

Lucky them there was an exit they could use just a bit south of the small cave they were in. From the looks of it, it put them in a small desert of some kind and it was now dark. Xan thanked them for showing him the way out before heading off to go back where he came from. As for the rest of them Sara and them set up camp and even get a small fire going. Sara tells them she would keep watch as everyone else went to sleep. Raditz didn't feel like sleeping, so he joins in. He used to do the same with Nappa and Vegeta on purge missions.

"You don't sleep much do you woman?" Sara lets out a low laugh as she looks up at the night sky. "Nah, to many years spent playing night watch, honestly it doesn't bother me all that much.." He gives her a nod as he moves his tail slowly. "I did the same when me and the others went to other planets, I always seemed to draw the short stick when it came to first watch." She finds a rock as she sits down. "You got to travel in space?"

He sits down by her as he crosses his arms. "It was always me, Nappa and Vegeta, since we were the last of the Saiyans Frieza had...saved. From what my brother told me, he's the reason why our planet is gone, doesn't surprise me..." Her eyes go wide, it was hard to believe someone could be strong enough to take out a whole planet. " now it's just you and your brother?" "And the prince, he's still alive, from what I heard he killed Nappa for being to weak...that's Vegeta for you." She shivers at this bit of news as she keeps her eyes on the stars.