All I want is to be with you. When I look at you.... I think about the touch of your hand, the way your hair curls into your eyes, the width of your shoulders... how it felt to be embraced by you. The emptiness when you leave, every time. How I want to kiss you the way I used to. It aches like nostalgia... but you're here, right in front of me. I could reach out and brush you with my fingertips just like that... but I won't, because you don't want me to. The way I feel about you is a burden I'm carrying alone. When you remember all the times we spent together, do you feel anything? I love you, as much as I ever did.... how did I ever forget how much I love you? I can't rewind the years, but I'm trying so hard to make up for lost time. I wish you'd want that too.