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Bits and Pieces My insights on the world. Not very smart insights, but they're here just the same. Things about me and some things that'll make you think, "Too much info!". Just my days, what I think, possibly stories/poems and random thoughts.

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Back Again
So much time passes between uses XD

Let's play catch up. So I nannied those girls for the summer, then landed a new nannying job with a single dad and his 2 year old girl. He was very paranoid but it was a good gig, I stayed until she turned 4. I left when my contract in August ended for a few reasons. For one, I moved out of my friend's house to be closer to work, living with a college student for a few months and then a 60 year old preschool teacher for a few months, both very nice, but ultimately decided to move back in with my friends, who had bought a house together in the north part of the cities, an hour from work. I was unwilling to commute. Two, I was going on a two week trip to Asia in September, a week in South Korea and a week in Japan. I loved it and I'm going back to Japan for my birthday in March for 2 weeks. Three, I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding in California in October. So I took three months off to do all of that! Then I was briefly an infant teacher at a daycare, which sucked, don't use daycares, they're understaffed and poorly run. Now I'm back to nannying and I watch twin girls, who are almost 1 now and I've been with them since they were 3 months old. I love them dearly and, although I make very little and saving for my Japan trip has left me INCREDIBLY broke, I don't plan to leave unless their parents kick me out! So there's some pf the big job stuff.

On the personal life front, my old boyfriend dumped me, which was fine, he wasn't super great to me anyway. I dated a few guys in the interim. A pothead was one, that didn't go well, but at least it got me to my first anime convention! I did a lot of online dating, but it was a lot of first dates, not much panned out, so I stopped and decided to focus on my friends. My college friends moved to the cities so now I hangout with them once a week. I accidentally friended the sister of a girl I knew in college and she introduced me to a guy that I had a huge crush on, but we stayed friends, which was for the better, but he introduced me to all of his friends, so now I have about 8 new bros to hang out with. They're great guys and I've known them for a year and love them dearly! I briefly dated one of them, but he didn't want a commitment, so we stayed friends instead. I actually live with him, another guy, and a gal. I just moved out of my friends house again this August (I see them once a week too) thinking it would be less expensive to have 3 roommates, but I was, unfortunately, wrong. But I was always at the boys place in the cities rather than the suburbs, you know, since I dated a guy living there, and I loved the cities so I thought it would be good to live there. I briefly dated a guy I met on a dating site. He was great at first but after 3 months I realized I didn't like hanging out with him much because he was a sad sack and a bore so I broke it off for the first time ever. I didn't take a break at all, however. I was actually hanging with my ex-turned-friend at our house and saw a cute guy on a dating site who I deemed too attractive to talk to me, but he convinced me to talk to him anyway. Lo and behold, I've been dating him for almost 3 months and, I hate to get ahead of myself, but he is the literal best. He's met my friends and family and they all get along. He's committed, he has his life together, and I'm at his house practically everyday. I'm actually there right now. He's sitting on reddit and waiting on me to go to bed XD We haven't said the l-word yet but I'm really ******** close. He's amazing. Kind of regret moving in to my new place since I'm never there!

That's all the big stuff, I believe. I'm broke but happy. I'm really excited for Christmas, my favorite time of year! I have a lot happening. It starts the 20th, when I have Bro Festivus with the guys I've become friends with most recently. We're doing a gift exchange and white elephant gifts aka random s**t we found at Goodwill. I grabbed my stuff today. The day after I'm having a gift exchange with the college friends that moved down here, plus a new friend of ours. She was a high school friend of my college roommate and she became a part of our crew soon after I met the boys, oddly enough. She also introduced me to her best friend who is now one of my roommates and a good friend to me, although I don't see her often. The next day is a Christmas celebration, just me and the boyfriend making a feast, opening presents, and watching Elf! The day after that is the 23rd, my family Christmas and the 24th, my grandma's Christmas, and my bf is coming with me to both! I'm very excited! And the 25th is his family celebration!
The 28th is the twins' birthdays, that weekend is my grandparents Christmas and my bf's New Years LAN party. The weekend after that is my old roommates/my high school friends gift exchange. So many presents and jam packed with fun! Plus, before and between all that, my bf and I have been finding all the free winter festivals and watching Christmas movies and decorating his house. It's amazing and I'm so happy!

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