I started going through my new planner which I got at the dollar store because I hate buying online now because I end up not using them. Also buying anything not from the dollar store I won't use because I'm like worried about ruining it or it's just meh. Like my 30$ish moleskine that i threw out. And the other one that I am currently using as a mousepad.

Anyway I like wrote my shopping list looool a lot is just guitar stuff and some special things like clothes... because I only wear Chanel jk idk. Jesus saves I spend. Amen.

NDNU winter line is out soon... I'M SWEATING. Like I get paid this week but then I don't get paid again until after Christmas... My old job still owes me like 400$ and ????????? I mean I should call them. I might be able to get vacation pay from my other job. I doubt I would get an xmas bonus. Maybe I can do a couple shifts though. I really ought to.

OH ANYWAY. I wanted to change my wallpaper so I went looking on instagram. And ofc I came across THE PHOTO OF THE YEAAAAAAAAAAAAR THIS PHOTO MAKES ME SO HAPPY YOU DON'T KNOW. I got the notification when Kai uploaded this and I just like scrolled down to see the caption THEN I SCROLLED BACK UP AND I WAS LIKE WAIT WAIT WAIT IT MADE ME SO HAPPY I'M SO HAPPY JUST LOOKING AT IT IT'S KAI WEARING THE SHIRT I BOUGHT AND GAVE HIM A THE 15TH ANNIVERSARY LIVE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


I'm chill.

Also now I'm getting a bit sleepy I took a melatonin like an hour ago it's only kicking in now. I set my alarm but wasn't feeling it so I just kept sleeping but I got up to call in sick to work. I really only take it if I need to get up early so I can go to bed early. Any time before midnight is early. I think I'd probably be scheduled to work tomorrow. Since so far it's been two days on, one day off, and repeat. Just kind of wish they'd actually look at my availability??? Because I put like 10am or 11am at the latest... It takes me an hour to get to work and like an hour before that to get ready because I take my time showering and making breakfast plus I have to do my hair. And I just cut my hair the other day so maybe less time but still.

So yeah not sure if I'll keep this job I hope I can just so I don't have to look for another plus they pay me good. And the work is easy. Customers are good. It'll be even better after the holidays have passed. And later in the year if I do well I can transfer to another store, a closer one, though I'm not sure if I'd want to, because it's busier............................................... If you would ever think that I would write properly here bingo bango you are wrongo.

I'm really sleepy now. Too bad I didn't have any pie.

I'll have the chicken mama noodles for breakfast to make sure I'm not sick. I didn't even have any soup today. I made kimchi soup last night.

Yeah so planning next year. I gotta make a lot of money. I mean not a ton but I could definitely use it. I want to go to Japan again. Gonna start recording videos. Not that I haven't already started but it's all practice and experimental. I guess I need to figure out a background but eh.

Gonna work with just pure audio tooooooooooo. I wonder if bae would help me LMFAO FNOSDIUGH OFUG HFG HELP ME JESUS I WONDER IF HE KNOWS OF THIS CURSED WEBSITE.

But nah it's just raw guitar sound I wonder if I will actually get a new amp but I really should. I just need a gig bag, an amp... a tuner would be nice. And some cleaning stuff. And strings. Strings for days. And I want a new strap. Oh and I finally put that sticker on my guitar. Not sure what I'll do with the other. I'm thinking of putting my pink sticker on the back.

I'm too sleepy to focus now, not that i can never focus on writing here. Hey it's the internet man.

I already want to eat my noodles. I hope my cold is gone.

That's all for nowwwwwwwwww I'll write again soon.