Hey guys, it snowed!! And I was up to see it!! It was beautiful, and so, soo cold. My camera wouldn't even come on. I couldn't believe how easy it would have been to make a snowball, it was covering the grass, and on the hood of the cars. And it just kept coming down. It was so amazing and lovely. My sisters came out and we all kind of spazzed over it, and took pictures. I wanted to make a snowman, but my hands were too numb, I had to give up on it.

So back after the storm, my dad went to pick my sister up in NC. They then drove back for a trial there. My sister refused to learn anything, or change at all. She ran off last Saturday, and didn't tell anyone where she was until last Sunday. She did not call again until outside sources scored the phone number of the man she is staying with. Here's where it gets unbelievable.

She's staying with this man, at his parents house.

They have no water, or electricity.

She has the audacity to be self righteous about this whole thing.

This is not everything, mind you. So now she is supposed to be on her way back. And this time, she is not going to get it nearly as nice as she had it before. I am not sharing my room with her again. If she is so hellbent on being a grown a** woman, she can do it on her own. Leave the car my dad had to pay to get out of impound. You can get it back when he thinks you can. Go work, to live where you want to. Stop stealing out of peoples' accounts, and go make your own money. Stop looking down on people who are being more responsible and actually trying to contribute to the household.

edit: she of course, did not show up.