Chapter Four:

With travel plans to head out far to the land known as Faerûn she went back to the mages guild to tell Raditz the news. He was busy, reading when she came back some hours later. "Sorry that took awhile, seems we won't be staying long, got called to something new." He looks up, his tail half hanging on his chair. " tell." He crosses his arms at her. She narrows her eyes at him. "I got a letter about an iron shortage, I know it doesn't sound exciting, but might as well check it out." It didn't sound over complicated but he had nothing better to do.

"There's just one thing..we should...change your armor." He lets out a low growl at her. "I was given this armor father, it's the only thing I have of my heritage." She pinces the bridge of her nose. "I'm not saying you have to get rid of it, you'll just have to wear something different. Hard enough for someone like you to blend in looking the way you do." He wasn't budging as she rolls her eyes. "You can keep it here, once we're finished you can have it back." It takes a few more minutes, before he ends up agreeing.

She found something that would not only fit his large frame, but would go over his spandex. He drew the line there, he refused to wear anything else. She lets him keep it, since his new shining armor would hide most of it. It was light for the Saiyan, but according to her it was the strongest armor she had. "So how long is this..trip going to be?" She gives him a small shrug. "I got someone that will send us straight to Baldur's Gate, not sure how long it will take to finish the job so don't expect anything to quick."

He just nods as he wraps his tail around himself. Okay so she forgot the tail but she hoped not to many people would ask questions. Once he was ready and she got her bag cleaned out she went to the first floor where an older man was waiting for them. Raditz stood by here, not really knowing what to expect. Once again he feels himself being teleported somewhere different. When his sight cleared, once again, they were in a tower once again. However this was just a plan room with a large circle of some kind drawn onto the floor.

With a new scroll in her hands she shoves it into her bag and heads out with him. He keeps close to her as they step out to a large city. He takes a deep breath. He could smell the salt in the air, as well as fish and a few other things. Waiting by the door was a old looking man in the most ridiculous robe he had ever seen. "Ah, you must be the arch-mage I was told about." Sara bows her head to him. "So where do I need to go?" The man hands her a large map of the area around her and points to a small town to the south. "Here, a town called Nashkel."

With that she heads out of the large city with the Saiyan as he did his best to not lose sight of her. He was thankful they didn't stay in the large place for long, he didn't like the walls much. "There's a place called the Friendly Arm Inn, we can crash there before making our way to Nashkel, it's never wise to travel at night." She didn't know this place well enough to trust herself. She had a habit of getting lost quickly. He just shrugs a bit, not really caring one way or the other.

They made it to the inn by sundown. The guards at the drawbridge had no idea what to make of the large male. Thankfully she just smiles at them as she pulls him along. She lets out a sigh as they walk in the small town, at least he didn't feel as closed in. They head for the large castle like building that served as the town's inn. The place was warm and full of life as people gathered talking bout the latest news. That being about the iron shortage and the increase in bandits. She keeps her head low as she heads for the inn keeper.

As she talks to the guy, Raditz kept quiet, keeping his tail tightly wrapped around his hips. While she spoke about getting them a room, not far two elves watch closely. The woman frowns a bit as she feels her husband was shaking. "D-do you..f-feel that?" Jaheira could only nod as she tightens her hold on her staff. She didn't like this one bit, keeping her eyes on the imposing male. She feels herself step back as they wander upstairs and she feels herself relax, if only a little. She had no idea what to make of them.

Sara lets out a low sigh as she lets them into a rather small room. "Sorry we have to share, had no idea the place would be pack. Though I get the feeling he was jipping us from the start." She shakes her head, not really caring to much. The only thing she really felt she would need was some gold, a few tents, bedrolls, and some extra food. He takes the bed once he was down to his spandex. He wasn't about to share any time soon so she finds a nearby chair.

Not that she really slept as it was but he didn't need to know that. She just curls up and closes her eyes. Raditz lays there for a moment, watching the only candle in the room die low. He just let it burn out on it's own, letting his mind wander. In a span of one day he had been teleported to two different places. So maybe coming along hadn't been that bad of a choice. His dark gaze turns to her, he could tell just by looking at her she wasn't asleep. He moves his tail slowly, her scent was distracting but he tries to go to sleep.