Chapter Three:

After dinner and a mass of dishes washed later Raditz sat himself back, debating. He hated this planet, having to be stuck here, waiting for a fight that might not even happen. Who ever heard of a punk kid traveling through time anyways, who comes up with that stuff? What bothered him more was that from what Goku had told him, he hadn't been in that picture so that meant that in that 'timeline' he was still dead. That, pissed him off more, but he wasn't really sure why other than Hell was just so damn boring. Coming back wasn't a picnic, but it did come with a lovely surprise.

His dark eyes rest on the woman now shifting through her belonging. She looks down a bit as it seemed she was looking for something in particular. He was no expert on beauty. He had seen what female Saiyans were like before they were wiped out, they could hold their own unlike most of the weaklings here. However, now that she was rested he could feel a very odd energy from her. He had no idea what to make of it, but it was slowly putting him on edge. She may not look it, but she was dangerous. He just didn't know how dangerous.

She seems to smile as she finds what she was looking for. She holds out what looked like a large scroll of some sort. He tilts his head, wondering why a piece of paper could be so damn important. She just sways a bit as she gets up and walks over to him. "You see this..I can find my way home with this." He lets out a low sound, wondering why the hell he should care. "If you want, you can come with me, beats hangin here doing nothing but mope." She had just met the guy, but that's all he would do.

He would just cross his arms and pout, constantly, like he was bored. "I don't mope woman." She just gives him a large smirk. "No, but I can see in your eyes you're bored as all hell, come on, you got nothing to lose and if you're still bored I can send you back here." He punches the ground, ready to tell her to mind her own business, but the idea of doing something, anything besides wait three years for jack sounded like a plan. "What's in it for me?" He waves his tail slowly in the air.

She keeps her eyes on him. "I'll keep cooking for ya, and plus there's tons of things you can do, you look like a fighter, I know plenty of good challenges for you to deal with." The fighter in him could not turn down the deal as he nods. "Fine you better hold up to your end of this deal, you owe me for saving your sorry hide." She bows her head to him. "I promise, now do you wish to say goodbye to your brother?" He thinks about it for a second and huffs. "No."

This will teach that goody goody he was no one's puppet. Didn't owe Kakarrot a damn thing, he never asked for his help. Sara nods as she opens her scroll. "Alright than, you might want to hold on to me." He places a large hand on her shoulder as she reads what was on the scroll. Didn't make any sense to him but before he knew it, he was inside a large room with no windows. Had a king sized bed and tons of bookshelves. Not to mention the endless display cases full of gems he had never seen before.

"This is my room at the mages guild, no one can get into this room but me." He moves slowly as he sees just tons of items he couldn't even begin to name. Anything that seem to have a shine to it, had the same strange energy she had. "What is this energy I feel?" She tilts her head at him. "Oh..magic, the room and jam packed with tons of magical items...I'm surprised you can feel it." The fur on his tail was puffed out as he grumbles. "Of course I can sense it...I don't like it."

She shakes her head at him a bit. "Relax, you're fine, now I gotta go somewhere real quick okay, you can wait on the second floor if you wish." He looks around. "How there's no stairs?" She points to a large circle on the floor. "That will teleport you to the second floor, there's another one on the second floor that will lead you to the main floor, I don't want to scare anyone so do try not to go to far will you?" She walks into the circle, and she was gone.

His eyes go wide as he follows her, finding himself on a new floor. "A" He looks around, trying to figure out what was powering the thing, but he had to give up. This room was large as well, the walls lined with more books and scrolls. There was a wooden table set in the middle with chairs around it, must be a study room as he plops himself into a chair and leans back. So far he had to admit, he was interested to see just what it was she planned to show him. Already he was, intrigued by her. Made him wonder just what she was capable of in a fight. He laughs at the idea.

Meanwhile Sara had made her way to the fighters guild, to tell Oreyn of her 'success' with her last mission. The dark elf was so happy to see her. He had been worried when she failed to show up after he got word she had killed Baal. "Praise Azura, you're alive.." She gives him a small smile as she hugs him. "Sorry, I got hurt rather badly, I'm okay, so what's the word?" He lets out a low sigh as he hands her a letter, from the Noble Order. "Oh gosh..." She lets out a low groan as she takes the letter.

"Dear Lady Sara...we send this letter to thank you for your assistants on killing Diablo and his brothers. However we have been hit with another problem. Talks of war between Amn and Baldur's Gate are on the rise.." She tilts her head a bit as she keeps reading. "To make matters worse it seems the area around the Sword Coast seems to be dealing with an unusual iron shortage. We are aware of your experience with such matters and plead you to help. Regards Sir Ryan." Well at least she'll get to live up to her promise.