Chapter Two:

Sara finds her way to the bathroom without to much trouble, but she had no idea how it worked. She had gotten used to tubs where she would just have to go get her own water and warm it up. This was different as she tilts her head. She couldn't make heads or tails of it so she pokes her head out. " does this work?" Raditz feels himself grumble as he strides over to her. She wasn't that much shorter than he was, about five foot ten compared to his six foot two frame. "Just turn the damn knobs, one's for hot water, the other is for cold."

Her eyes go wide as she takes another look. "You got running pipes, dang I can't even get that in my own much work..." She gives it a try and soon she does figure it out. He lets out a grunt and quickly leaves, going outside. He sits himself in the grass as he leans against his house. Just when did he become a babysitter? Then again she didn't look that young, but with humans it was so hard to tell. Still he was a bit, curious about her scent and why it was so different.

Sure he didn't know many humans, but they mostly smelt of flowers or some other crap he couldn't really stand. He found that his 'sister-in-law' always smelt of fruit, which wasn't as bad. He closes his eyes, meditating to get the thought out of his head. Sara takes her sweet sweet time getting washed up. Between the warm water and the relaxing feel it had on her tired muscles, this was so nice. But the water got cold so she got out and found a towel, drying herself off.

She finds a new robe to wear in her bag as she looks herself in the mirror. Her long dark hair was straight now thanks to the water, it went slightly past her shoulders now. The dark circles that were once under her deep blue eyes were gone now at least, she didn't feel as tired. She throws her old robe into her bag before she steps out and makes her way back to the living room, the sound of her bare feet gliding over the wooden floor. Raditz had slowly dragged himself back inside as he stands straight, looking her over.

She had dark hair that could rival any Saiyans, save for the fact her eyes were blue. He was getting used to how different everyone looked. Saiyans mostly kept the same features, dark hair, dark eyes, and a strong build. It was hard to tell what her body was like under that violet colored dress. "Why do you only wear dresses?" She blinks as she looks down at herself. "It's not a dress it's a robe." He lets out a huff as he tilts his head. "What's the difference?" She lets out a low laugh. "I guess there isn't much of one!"

She gives it some thought and before she nods. "This doesn't have a corset." He blinks as he feels his cheeks go pink. She really was nude under that thing. "You vile humans, don't you have any dignity!" She tilts her head to the side. "Well I kind of have to...other wise I just tear through everything I own..." He raises his brow at that, his tail moving slowly. "What are you implying woman?" She feels her head lean back, wondering what to tell him. "I'm not as human as I look." He lets out a deep laugh as he moves closer to her.

He takes in her scent again, this time, the sulfur smell was gone. Unlike with Chi-chi, this girl didn't hide her natural scent. It smelt of grass and a hint of chopped wood. He feels a low purr emulate from his throat. Oh hell she was making him purr of all the things. She giggles at the sound, it was kind of cute, he was not amused however as she takes a small step back. "I'm what what people consider a werewolf, I can change into a wolf at will, and you can only imagine how hard that is when you got to many things on, so I stuck to robes."

He feels his head tilt, he still didn't know much about Earth and the different creatures that lived on it. "Werewolf?" She gives him a nod. "I was human, the easiest way I can't explain it is I was infected by someone else that was a werewolf, that's just how it spreads." She gives him a large smile. "What about you, you got a tail, why are you so surprised?" He narrows his eyes at her. "I'm a Saiyan, I was born on Planet Vegeta before it was blown to pieces, I refuse to let anyone remove my tail!"

Her eyes go wide. "You..came from another" She looks up at the idea. "What was it like?" "Hot...the air was a lot heavier than it is here, doesn't matter it's gone now." She lowers her head a bit as she gives him a nod. "Got that's why your scent is different." He could feel himself jolt, she could smell him, oh great, he thought Saiyan's had a good sense of smell. "Grr..." He wasn't sure he liked this or not, in fact why the Hell hadn't he kicked her out yet?

She was fine, he let her get cleaned up, he was sure she had somewhere else to be. But by the look of her, she didn't seem to be in any rush to go anywhere's as she just smiles. He was already getting soft, he feels his tail lash out again. "Well I let you use my bathroom, least you can do is repay me!" She stands straight, not really knowing what to give the large male until she hears the loudest growl come from his stomach. He had forgotten his lunch.

"Guess this means I'm cooking!" She makes her way to the kitchen and blinks, looking at the stove. Like the tub, the thing had knobs on it only with different numbers and settings. She tilts her head as she figures out how to turn on the stovetop and she jumps back. This place was something else as she starts to raid the place for anything she could get her hands on. He just watches her and crosses his arms. Okay so many having a female around to make him food wouldn't be that bad.

He growls to himself, she wasn't his mate. Still, he could use this to his advantage at least. After all he did save her, so she did owe him a favor or two for it. He could have just left her out there, or ate her. He shivers at the idea, he didn't think humans, let alone whatever the hell a 'werewolf' was would taste all that great. Before he knew it, she had made a huge array of food for the both of them. Deep down, she was just about as hungry as he was as she sits herself down and he sits on the other side. He says nothing as he dig in. He lets out a low groan, her food was delicious.