{I was going to do something else, but I decided to do a story with Raditz as the focus. It's a shame he's been forgotten. So this is mostly a story on what would have happened if he had been brought back to help against the Androids to try and 'redeem' himself. Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT and Dragonball Super are owned by Toei Animation, Fuji TV, Funimation, and Akira Toriyama. Please support the official release.}

Chapter One:

It had been a week, since Earth's fighters had gotten the news that in three years, two powerful Androids would show themselves, and destroy everything they know. According to a young man who said he came from the far future, not one of the fighters survived. So thinking outside the box Goku had gathered the Dragonballs to wish back his brother Raditz to see if they couldn't reach some kind of agreement. After a bit of talking and telling the older Saiyan he was no match against Goku now that he could become Super Saiyan, Raditz agreed to stay out of trouble. It beat going back to hell after all, it was boring down there.

So with some help from his younger brother he now had his own capsule house out in the same mountains where Goku was, about a mile away and closer to the forest so he could still have his space. Little by little the large Saiyan got used to his new life, sort of. Still in the same armor as he came to Earth with, little had changed for him. Chi-chi still couldn't stand him, but Gohan, his nephew had slowly warmed up to the big guy. Three years was a long time, and a part of him wasn't sure if he should really care about it.

After all from what he heard Prince Vegeta was training somewhere called Capsule Corp. There was still a ship he could use, make his escape, no one would know or stop him. But again, he found he would just be bored with nothing to keep him entertained. Might as well see just how strong these 'Androids' were, than he'd make a run for it. He was sitting by a large lake, looking up as the clouds passed by. He was fishing for his meal. He found hunting here was rather relaxing. It was a nice change from the normal eating habits he had while out in space.

He felt his tail move in a lazy manner as he waited for a nibble on his large fishing line. He was in no rush to catch anything, finding the warm breeze pleasant. He was about to fall asleep when he picks up the heavy scent of blood from out of nowhere. He blinks and jolts up, looking around, he didn't recognize the scent so he quickly got up to go find out what it was. It doesn't take him long before he finds a unconscious form laying in the grass, a huge pool of blood already forming under the body.

He gets a closer look, female, looked young, had on some odd clothes, looked like some kind of dress as he saw a large gash on the right side of her body. Judging by her weak ki, she was, surprisingly alive and he finds himself debating if he should care. He didn't know much about humans, a part of him didn't want to, but the survivor in him had to admire the girl was still breathing after a wound like that. He rolls his shoulders as he picks her up, it was like holding a feather.

He was careful to get her into his home as he tries to find the best way to look at the wound. He feels himself blush, the girl had nothing under. He remembers the strange beans his 'brother' had and flies off to go get one. Goku was surprised to see his brother begging for a Senzu Bean. Goku didn't know what to make of it, but nods when he saw the blood on his brother's hands and armor. "Are...you hurt?" Raditz lets out a low growl. "No you idiot, now give me the damn bean!"

Goku agrees and Raditz takes off as fast as he could as Goku looks down at his young son. "What do you think that was about?" Gohan could only shrug. "Maybe we should follow?" Goku agrees as they fly after him. Raditz doesn't give them much thought as he quickly lands and runs back into his house to check on the young woman, still alive, surprisingly. He kneels down and opens her mouth, placing the bean in her mouth. She chews slowly and swallows, the wound on her side slowly stops bleeding and she lets out a low groan.

She doesn't wake up however, but at least the bleeding stopped as he takes a deep breath. He blinks as he leans in close again. She smelt like fire, sulfur, and dirt, an odd mix as he tilts his head, wondering just where this girl came from. He jumps when Goku just comes out of nowhere and sees the girl. "Hey..where she come from?" Raditz feels himself growl as he whips his tail behind him. "I found her in the forest, hurt." Goku frowns a bit. "Think there's something out there hurting people?"

Raditz doubted it, he didn't sense anything. "Relax...I don't think she's from around here.." He spots something on her hip and gives it a tug, pulling free a small blue bag that had a gold rope keeping it closed. It was so tiny, why would anyone keep it around? He opens it and gives it a shake and jumps back as a large wooden bow just falls out. He raises his brow as he picks it up. Even Gohan holds onto his dad's leg, tilting his head. "Odd..." He decides to not do that again and just for the girl to wake up.

She comes to about an hour later, once again letting out a low groan. She sits up and blinks, shaking herself off before she takes a look around, confused. "Where am I?" Raditz crosses his arms. "My house, found your sorry carcass in the forest bleeding to death." Goku frowns and gives his brother a good jab with his elbow before giving her a warm smile. "Good to see you're okay, what happened to you?" She bites her lip, trying to figure out where she was and how she ended up in a forest. Tyrael must had tried to save her by teleporting her somewhere, but why here?

"Uh...I'm not sure, well I remember fighting...couldn't kill the damn thing so I jumped at it with my sword. I hit him, he hit me, I was bleeding, got teleported away and for some reason ended up....here.." She rubs the back of her head lightly as Goku keeps his eyes on her. He keeps the same smile on his face however. "Man sounds like it was one hell of a fight, I'm Goku, that's my son Gohan." The small boy waves at her as the larger male turns away. "And..that's my older brother Raditz...you get used to him."

Raditz lets out a deep growl as he feels his tail lash out. "You can leave now I don't remember inviting you inside!" Goku laughs and heads out to go back to training, his son following after him as the large Saiyan slams his door. "Annoying...." He turns his dark gaze to the woman in front of him, her clothes still a bit torn. Gods he needed a mate, because he was finding it insanely hard not to stare. However being a warrior, Saiyan 'courtship' might be a bit harder for him. Not that he knew how or why he would ever think to court a human. "There's a bathroom down the hall...go wash up."

She gives him a slow nod and winces as she moves. She was healed, but she was still in a bit of pain. No doubt there would be a large scar where she had been cut into. After a few seconds or so she stands and blinks, seeing her bow on the floor and her bag on the table. She raises her brow at him, but he had turned away from her. "What an odd fellow, and he has a tail." She keeps the thought to herself as she grabs her belongings to go find the washroom to go get cleaned up. He didn't ask, but she turns to him one last time. "My name is Sara by the way.." He says nothing as she wanders off.