Just a bit, on villainy, which is ofc such a broad subject

Today's bit is accepting we cannot or ought not to love ourselves, if we are, in fact, villainous. It sounds obvious but it's a nuance we hadn't noticed until now and then we suddenly felt like writing it here so here we are yeah.

Bad feels. Hate myself. Want to die. No, we must love ourself. Loove. How can love others without first loving one's self? Cannot, so it goes. Is that okay? you say you love these other people but if you can't...no, this is unacceptable, we must love ourself. Accept faults, embrace some faults, fix some faults.

Idea is understood. But we are not going to fix faults, are we. No. Too lazy, too apathetic, the faults they stay. And these are not lovable faults, they absolutely oughtn't be loved, is the train of thought. Not how we're using them anyway.. surely they could be okay in some circumstances, some people, but not here.

Well, we can still love most of ourself, right? Can we, though? No. Because, of course, we are, by majority, bad. You. Phish. And most people.

Aight, so we done trying to love ourself; we definitively suck. Death, come to us. Why you no kill yourself...I am not a phish of action okay

Oh, and about then, our love for others... we'll just keep doing as we've been doing obviously. Our best and s**t. They shouldn't knooow.