The longer I am on here, the more I keep digging into old things (mostly on my ALTs). I found a journal on one of those account from 2007, and it was talking about me being "Bi". It's funny and heartbreaking and funny all at the same time to look back on my years in high school.
I was struggling with accepting myself, and this was 2 years before I graduated. I remember hating the fact that I KNEW that I was gay (but didn't want to admit it). I had my whole family telling me it was a phase even though I had been in love with girls since the 3rd grade. sweatdrop

This was also when I was battling with whether I was comfortable in my skin or not. Again,t his was brought about because I was struggling with my sexuality. But Gaia was my outlet...Gaia was me trying new things, experimenting with these different identities. It really helped me find myself.

Now here I am in my mid-twenties and I am married...
I look back on EVERYTHING, and Gaia was a solid 12 years of my life. And EVERY year of that has been life-changing, mind-altering. It has all been an adventure. And Gaia was the journal of my life during all those years.

It has documented my "coming out", it found me my first love...
It taught me my first lesson in heartbreak, it kept tabs on my ups-and-downs with an abusive ex. It was the collective of my many thoughts, poems, and musings...and eventually it even documented my relationship with Sage and my wedding heart

So even though this place holds nothing of 'interest' for me, it also holds EVERYTHING for me because it was my life. It holds pieces of me that no longer exist. I guess I just find that to be absolutely astounding! mrgreen

But that's all I really have to say on that matter.