warning to anyone who reads this: this is very, VERY nsfw and probably one of the filthiest things i've ever written. if you're not who this is intended for (he knows who he is) then you probably shouldn't be reading this in the first place lmao. reader discretion advised don't say i didn't warn you


tonight i thought about you

slipped my hand into my panties and touched myself until i came, biting my lip around the sound of your favorite name

there was blood on my fingertips after, because mother nature's been paying me a visit, but i didn't care

just stuck them in my mouth and cleaned them up.

wondered if you'd be into that

i've wanted to ask, but it's been nearly a month since i made you cheat and you haven't offered me a thing since then

don't think i really need to ask. you were into 'virgin blood' and cutting and it's not too far of a leap from here to there

four years later and i've still never been touched by hands that aren't my own

you could have it all. touch every part of me that's never been touched, make me feel things i've never felt. take me apart under your fingertips, make me forget who i am, anything other than 'yours'

this week i've been fantasizing about you sitting between my spread legs, dipping your fingers into me like a fingerpainting, and sucking the blood off of them

it's been a while since i've come that hard

but i am so hungry for more.