I'm going to attempt a quick entry.

Work again was fine today. I ended up going to bed around midnight or at least after 11. I planned to get up at 6 but then I figured since I'd already washed my hair I could just get up at 6:30. But I woke up before my alarm anyway as I have been doing... BUt I got to work on time and I wasn't even that tired. I guess I'm used to it by now.

Random, but I think I want to get one of those stands for my laptop. Like instead of just a desk, it's like, a tiny desk, but instead of being one you sit at, it's like, one you stand at. Yeah I think it will help out a lot because all I do is sit here so much especially when I'm working on projects and it's so eaaaaaasy to just sit here forever which is not good for my health... But I should be able to get one for under 100$. And that's just from one search on google.

I don't know why but I just remembered a coworker who I haven't seen since last week. I think it's because I always put the dollar sign after. At least I don't use a comma as a decimal.

I'm almost done reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I probably would have finished it today if I was able to sit on the bus. But the bus was super late, and then it was packed... Not packed, but there was no where to sit, and the dumbass people on the bus do not know how to stand on the bus. Not sure why, but I like used to stand on the bus going home from like school or something. Like in the very back. Don't know why. Hm. I mean if my seat's taken then what am I gonna do...

Okay so I have work tomorrow but I don't have to get up as early. What I do need is to call this one number so I can get my info and get my direct deposit set up. At the last minute. Technically next week is the last minute but the last day... we get paid for... is tomorrow? Like we get paid for the work up until Friday. It's weird.

Other than that, I need to clean which I know I said I'd do... but I got busy okay.

Literally the only things in my room that are a mess is my desk and my sofa. Which I guess means I need to get rid of somethings or just find proper places to put things.

I want to write Rachel soon, even though we can like talk every day. I wonder if we're still going to write Christmas cards. I'll probably send Sierra's stuff before Rachel's. I know she could do with some cheering up. I wish she would just talk to me about stuff, but after I just walked away from her of course she wouldn't want to.

It's honestly boring most of the time, because it goes sooooooo slowly, but I'm glad I have How to Get Away with Murder to binge on netflix. Though I don't binge. Since I have a lot of other shows... I cried watching T.I.U. again ********. I mean just a little. And it literally could have been those onions.

I need to make tea, and clean, and make notes. I want to play on the xbox too, but we'll see.

I'll practice guitar some more. I made up some exercises for myself. I mean I'm sure they're not completely made up. But finally I found something to really challenge myself with.

Oh I kind of thought or am thinking of going to Korea maybe next time I'm in Japan but literally what the ******** am I going to do there???? I wouldn't just go shopping for makeup. I mean no doubt I would get BB cream... but then not like you can't get that in Japan. I mean if anything sight seeing and buying like actual Korean stuff. If I knew how to spell banana milk I'd write it here. Lol.

I saw a couple of these books in Coles that have you make lists of nice things. I can't remember what they were. But it was things like places you'd travel to.... I really don't know. I thought of buying it but I wouldn't want it to be a waste so I'd rather just find out what the lists are and copy it.

Flickr still isn't working. I'm not using it anymore... For single photos it's okay maybe. But I now know that physical storage is the way to go. ********.


I want to find a new drama to watch tbh... Rachel recommended me one. I think. I think it was My Sassy Girl but that's a super old one. Not that I didn't like old ones.

And I need to study Japanese some more tonight. I guess.

I need to wear makeup more. I got asked if I'm... I'm not gonna say it. I'm not offended but like REALLY. I mean I guess... It's so sad I can't wear collars to work lmfao.

This entry feels boring. I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of things but anyway that's all for now ~