heart A Tale of Rebirth heart

On a hot Friday afternoon, in the waning sunlight of a Texas in August, I sat in my trusty '08 Ford Focus with my seat belt fastened and name badge still on. "Deonte" it read. Pulling down the mirror, I briefly looked over my face: a little oily but with a good flush, I had evened retained some of the lip color I put on hours ago. I tucked the visor away again and gently fluffed my t i t s as I prepared myself and my cracked iPhone 5 for what I'd been mentally practicing all shift. Today was the day I videocalled my boyfriend to end things.

Our relationship was very nice on the surface. Both students, both working, shared certain opinions, spent time with each others' families, great sex etc. However, we lived three hours apart and had for the entire (almost) two years. I was too emotional, he was always high, I wasn't sure about a domestic future, he definitely was, I felt like I was settling, he told me I was his first love... It was stifling. I needed myself back.

I cried a lot, he told me he understood. I kept crying. When I finally looked up, my eyes landed on a fellow Red Shirt, one of my tall, sad-eyed managers pushing carts. Then I remembered another reason I wanted to be single...

I am a proud, wild woman who gets what she wants. And boy did I want a lot. Off to the races!