Chapter 69: {No doubt the last chapter and it had to be 69. XD}

She made a promise, and she planned to keep it. When the Dragonballs were ready to be used again, Sara made the trip herself back to Faerûn to find Anomen and bring him to the lookout where they had been gathered once again. He was nervous, to think this, dragon could bring back his sister after all this time. He shuffles a bit, wearing a simple fancy tunic and some well dress pants. He looked, handsome as she waits for Dende to finish summoning the dragon. Before the knight could even speak, Shenron lowers his head.

"Speak your wish, so I may grant it." Anomen felt himself swallow hard as he finds the courage to do this. "I bring back my sister, Moira Delryn." The dragon nods as his eyes glowed. "In order to fulfil your wish, you must restore her body.." Anomen blinks and nods, he used all three wishes to, not only restore his sister, but to bring her to where he was before the Dragonballs once again scattered. The girl was, cute, a bit short with curly brown hair and the same eyes as her brother.

She looked confused for a second before Anomen almost crushed her in a tight hug. She starts crying when she sees him and hugs him tightly. "Brother..I thought...wasn't I?" "Dead...yes dear, found a way to bring you back." Moira turns and Sara just bows her head to the young girl. "It's a pleasure." Moria didn't know what to make of this woman, but she bows her head lightly. ", it happened so fast, I don't even know what happened..." Anomen bit his lip hard as he felt his fist tighten.

"Our...'father' stuck you down in a drunken rage. He tried to cover it up, we saw through the ruse." She frowns as she looks up at him, almost unable to believe it. "Where is father now?" "Jail...I was able to take back the estate in my name, the magistrate has agreed to keep him there until death takes him..." Her body slumps a bit, it was hard to hear, but their father brought it on himself. Sara opens a portal that would lead them back to Amn. Before Anomen went through, he couldn't help but look Sara over.

She was still a vision of beauty, her long dark hair hung free. The robe she had on was a lovely shade of green that fit her curves perfectly. "You've changed...and I think it's a good change, My Lady." She gives him a warm smile and nods. "Yeah, coming here really has made things...better, I know things will never happen, but I think it was for the best." He nods as he holds his sister close. "I realize now, my feelings for you have changed, I see you more older sister."

She lets out a low laugh and nods. "Aye, I know what you mean, you should go, I have my own family to return to." Anomen spots the ring on her hand and tries to remain, if nothing else, a friend. "You got married.." She looks down and jumps. "Oh..yeah, heh, it was rather quick, I also have a son now." His eyes go wide at the news. "Helms beard." "Yeah, me a mother, who would have thought am I right?" She gives him a small shrug but he bows his head to her. "Thank you, Sara." He turns and steps through the portal.

Sara was happy to return home after that. Deep down, she was happy things had worked out the way they had. Anomen would have all the time he needed to not only heal, but spend some much needed time with his sister. She places her arms behind her back as she walks in, seeing Bulma playing with little Vegeta. The boy pouts a bit as he lays on her lap, trying to take a rattle she had. "He even has the same pout as you dear!" The prince huff and walks away.

Sara giggles as she walks over and sits down, the boy quickly reaching out to her. "Aww had enough of nan for the day?" The boy holds onto her tightly as he nuzzles into her. Bulma just smiles brightly as she leans back. "We were just having fun, he's just to cute for words." Sara looks down, his large onyx colored eyes just shine up at her. "Nah, he's going to be dead handsome when he gets older, just look at those eyes!" VJ giggles as she holds him into the air. Trunks spots her and makes his way over, hugging her tight.

Sara smiles at her husband, it looked like he had been busy with work by the way he was dressed. "Welcome back, so how did it go?" She leans against him as her tail wags slowly. "Good, Shenron was able to bring her back. She doesn't seem to remember what happened, maybe that's a good thing." He lets out a low sigh as he leans his chin on her shoulder. "At least he got some family back.." "Aye, they can work together and find their own happiness." He tightens his hold on her as he kisses her neck.

It was still hard to believe how much had change in over a year. Even harder when it only happened because she had gotten lost. Fate was a funny thing, always placing her where she needed to be. She turns her gaze to Trunks and gives him a loving smile. She couldn't imagine her life without him, without their son who was now sucking on his own tail. She giggles softly as she closes her eyes. Life was strange, but she wouldn't want to ever change a thing about it. Neither would Trunks, and Sara couldn't ask for more.

The End