Chapter 68:

Trunks couldn't stop pacing, his wife had been asleep for three days now. He was seriously starting to worry now that she was on her last month. She was so tired, and it didn't help that the incredible ki coming from their child had only gotten stronger over time. Vegeta had already left to contact Whis, but that didn't stop him from almost creating a hole in the floor where he was walking. His tail whips behind him as he paces, she hadn't moved, she just, slept. He frowns a bit, as he goes back to his pacing, wondering what in the world was talking his father so long.

Bulma had to make a very convincing offer to the man before he finally decided to show up. Before Bulma gave him his treat however she points him to their direction. Whis wonders into the room, looking at the poor girl. "Oh my..that's some should have told me sooner." Bulma lets out a low growl. "I tried but you didn't want to listen!!" Trunks looks up and blinks, rushing over to him. " gotta help her...please.." Whis just nods and looks her over. As far as he could tell, her life wasn't in any real danger.

"You should learn to relax, she's fine so doubt she's just sleeping to get her body ready..but if you insist that I make this quick." Trunks was desperate, he was still worried. Whis nods and gives her a small shake to wake her. She had to be awake for him to do this. She lets out a really deep growl as she slowly sits herself up and glares at Whis. "You have a death wish?" He jumps a bit, she was scary even for him. "Just lay back okay, I promise this will be quick." She just keeps growling at him, but after a minute she sits back.

Trunks just watches as Whis moves his staff over her. He starts to say something in a language he couldn't understand until there was a poof of smoke. Out of pure thin air, just like he did with Bulla, he had managed to bring their child into the world. She blinks as she catches the small bundle that he had somehow wrapped in a blanket. "Whoa...that was...quick.." Sara looks the child over, seemed they had been right, it was a boy. He was the very image of the prince. Even Bulma had to gush at how cute he was.

He was, tiny with a large stock of black hair. His little eyes open as he blinks up at his mom as she smiles. "Hey there." He moves his tail as it wraps around her arm. He sucks on his fist as he looks at her. Trunks just laughs as Whis tilts his head. "It's rather remarkable, a Saiyan and a human werewolf, managed to have a pure blooded Saiyan." Vegeta jolts as he hears this, so he had been right. Whis just shrugs as he takes his reward and walks off to go eat it. Bulma was the first to get a closer look.

"He sure looks like Vegeta, he has the hair and everything." She takes the child and he blinks up at her. He coos softly for her and does the same thing as he wraps his tail around her arm. "Yeap he's got Vegeta's blood all right!" Vegeta lets out a huff as Trunks moves closer and smiles. "I can't believe it, man, hard to think all that energy could come from someone so tiny.." His son just blinks at him, but remains close to Bulma. "No kidding, he'll be strong when he gets older.." Vegeta just keeps his space, but he could not hide the smirk on his face.

Sara got up after a minute or two, needing a second to get used to her normal weight once again. No longer did she had to try and figure out how to move with such a large stomach. She smiles as he reaches out to her. "Aww he knows who mom is." She takes him back as he nuzzles into her. "So I wonder if he'll get any of my traits.." Trunks could only shrug as he wraps his arms around her. "We can only wait and see how he turns out.." He curls up against her as he starts to fall asleep. Poor Bulma was doing her best not to cry right now.

Vegeta just shakes his head but turns his head as Sara moves closer to the ever present grump. "Come on, you know you want to.." He lets out a huff but takes the boy, looking him over. He was the very picture of what a pure blooded Sayian would turn out to be. It was still surprising to learn that over all these years, something like this was even possible. It was a rare outcome, so he knew deep down something like this wouldn't happen again. Still he was happy to see this happen. The boy was still asleep as Vegeta took a low breath. "He would have made a fine king..."

Sara gives him a half smile as she touches his arm. "Well this might not be Planet Vegeta, but I would pay good money to see people try and stand up to him." Vegeta lets out a deep laugh at that as he returns the boy over to her. "He'll be a strong fighter, he might not be king, but it's just a title." Vegeta just nods as Bulma hugs him, making him go stiff for a second. "You'll always be my prince!" Vegeta lets out a growl. "Woman I swear.." He didn't get to finish that as she kissed him.

Sara laughs softly as she looks at Trunks. "Well if nothing else, this just means we can try and have more." He feels his eyes go wide at the idea. " step at a time, I still need to get used to this." She just gives him a large smile as she gives him a nudge. "Well it's something to keep in mind, just saying." It honestly made his heart flutter to hear she wouldn't mind having more kids with him. He loved the idea as he hugs her tightly.