It was the same boring day that I've decided to reactivate my Facebook account and took a glimpse of the world. Slowly, I scrolled through my friends happy faces, suppressing the slightly painful pang of jealousy, for I didn't even remember when I did show that kind of smile in my profile photos.

And then I saw this photo.

Then, I remembered, sitting at my parent's front porch. Gazing far yet not seeing anything. Listening at the silence. Numb due to the pain in my chest that didn't seem to go away.

Taking in the bad things, then taking them out, hoping that the worse things will come with them. Although I knew that the worse will still linger,waiting for the right time, right reason, to take me.

I looked again at the photo.

He was, undoubtedly, despite our vast differences, was the splitting image of me.