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Entry Log of : Dr. Tyme Valentine .
Personal Log of Dr. Tyme Valentine's day-to-day entries.
Report : Allowing Life .
Report : Allowing Life .




I made this place my home... Between a town and a large, strange,
portal to another universe .
And It was here, I discovered not the value of life....
...but the creditably of creation.

With magic.... I have seen angels heal the sick, demons say lovers,
plant-life adapt and become like gods among the green.

With life, it was almost it's own kind of magic. The kindness, the
cruelness... the hope and the hopeless.

And in science, i witness the combination of these forces, mixed and
merged to Innovate, create, and prosper. And yet those that live here
limit themselves SO much in this.

It dived me insane just how much people where willing to delude
themselves to progress... all simply because it wasn't "moral" or "just".

....Results are results...

Ah, but i digress, and have became off topic.

When it comes down to the nitty gritty of this planet...
It was the co-existence of everyone and everything here.

And so, I began my studies.


In the end, I created my lab to study and do one thing.
One Goal
To answer this single question, and then do it :

What would be the perfect existence of life, science, and magic ?

...A simple question with a not so simple answer, as i soon found out.


First, i attempted the "science" aspect of this question.
Life and magic, i amused could have been added latter.
After all, the "soul" can not exist, unless it has a body....

I began with myself. I tired of my powers over time limiting my actions.
I stole the DNA of several species with healing and overwrite functions,
like dragons... celestial beings... vampireic demons... and so on.

A past report I made shows the results of what I did with that DNA to myself.
Yet the more important part was the storage of this DNA once my half of
the experiment was finished.... I didn't have much left after all.


In the end, when the discovery of "N.P" (New Project), the self-improvement
machine was discovered.... I instantly knew what I could use it for...

The creation of the body itself.

Using the various experiments i've done the past year, it wasn't hard to
create this body.... but that's where the job of science ends sadly.

This body.... this... creature....

It is perfection, a perfect blend of digital and organic.
Not fully a living creature, not fully an android, and most certainly not robotic.
Something new. And yet.... at this point.... just a hollow body.


I next turned to life.

Life for my creature is .... easy .
I will be in the need of a perfect AI system.... one that has no interruptions
of input, from multi sources. One where it would be able to study and learn.
Adapt and grow. Make mistakes and then LEARN from them.

The N.P. was useful in the design on this AI system....
However, it has taken me 20 GOD DAMN ATTEMPTS to even get a simple
workable data structure working.... But in the end it was done.

5 Hundred Trillion

500 Trl of data, per sec.

That's the fastest I can allow the AI System to gather and store information
at any given time, without overload or overheating. Before I install this, I will
still need to do further tests to make sure nothing goes wrong however.
....The tests will be painful... but the AI System shouldn't feel the pain until I
sync it into the body itself. So hopefully when that day comes, the creature
forgives me.


.....As for the magic that I intend to input into this creature...

I'm not going to mince words.

When the body is put into settings-mode, things like
magical ability
hair and eyes
....all of that will be simple.
The personality will be of whatever comes of the AI System's choice.

The problem is reproduction.

Physically the creature will be able to reproduce.
And if all this works out, it should be able to create life on it's own.

If that works, it will instantly no longer be a robot, android, or creature.
But rather.... it will be a new species, CREATED FROM M-

....It will be a new species, granted life by science.

Either way, at some point, i will need my friend's help in the
attempt of obtaining a pure, untainted, and never-used soul.

This will help ensure that the body can withstand the hardships
all I desire of of It.... as well as any input of magic, depending upon
the settings-mode of the creature.


So where does that leave me ?

Right now, even as i write this.... The AI System is stealing the knowledge
of this planet's history.... it's people's information.... everything. Digital and

The body is ready to go, but is not responsive to anything but commands.

I need to obtain a pure soul, and with the power of the angelic sliver I have
obtained, i need to implant this pure soul into my creature at the same time
as the AI System it put into place.

At the time of this conjecture, all settings will go into place, and my creation
will be alive.


All the creature.... my creation.... needs... is a name.


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