Light from the orange dawn filters in through the full sized windows and illuminates the empty corridor with its vibrant glow. The light touches the brass bust of the Heros founder, and brushes all the photos of each year's Hearth Guarde. The world seemed as peaceful as an endless sleep, yetI wince every single time that my combat boots sends a loud click echoing down the hall. Students aren't normally awake this early, and I didn't have a valid excuse to be wandering the halls of Hearth... at least not one that I'd be able to tell the Trainers.

I hurry down the hall, and turn the corner. If only I could get down the right hand corridor, I'd be home free –

BAM! I collide into someone else and fall backwards, sending a spray of snow onto the nearest class photo.


I look across and see [MD], who has also fallen to the ground, but is quietly chuckling.

"[MD]!" I jump up and offer her my hand immediately. "I'm really sorry, are you okay?"

"Of course," the senior Super adjusts her round, Wizard-glasses before taking my hand and letting me pull her to her feet. "I'm... a total klutz, as, w-well you can probably tell," she trails off, laughing. "So, aaaaanyway, what are you doing up?"

Every fibre in my body freezes as if I've been frozen by my own ice.

"You know, you didn't strike me for the type to like to watch the sunrise," she continues babbling, brushing almost nonexistent dirt off her oversized yarn sweater, "But I mean, I'm learning new things about everyone every day! W-we should watch it together sometime! West wing bonding experience, right?"

I exhale slowly, the colour returning to my face.