Some students rush immediately to the arena, while others fall back and dig through the evaluations. I grab my own tablet, sprinting to an empty space next to the window looking over the arena beside a couple other students.
"Yo dude, who's in this round?" a kid next to me asks his friend. I scan him quickly: average height, glasses, kind of an air of naivety. He seems gentle. Good traits to have as a Hero.
"Hmm," another Super replies, frowning and staring at his tablet. I glimpse at him as well: tall, lean, scowling as if he hates the world and everyone in it. "Crystal and [VL] against Dean and Sera,"
"But like, who are those people?" Glasses says with a forced laugh.
"Uh..." Scowl narrows his eyes, furiously scrolling. As if that'd help him find information any faster. "Let's pull up their profiles as we see them fight. We can read while we watch. Covers more ground." His sentences are short, sharp and direct.
"Oh my god," Glasses' eyes widen, "That's such a smart idea, dude!" he exclaims, punching the taller boy in the shoulder as a friendly gesture.
"Oh ... thanks?" Scowl turns toward the arena sheepishly.
The first battle is commencing. I contemplate whether to watch, read, or perhaps join the pair and do a little of both.

I tap the colourful labels on the tablet and pull up the descriptions of my round instead.

[ML] / Rank: ? / Origin: [RH] / Skills: Centre, Shockwaves
[YC] / Rank: ? / Origin: The Isle / Skills: Dust, Wind
Alice / Rank: ? / Origin: Gin / Skills: Ice, Snow
[LC] / Rank: ? / Origin: Courant / Skills: Electricity, Storm

Glancing at the profile images, [ML] appears serious and tough, but I can't tell what her powers are supposed to be. Her assigned partner, [YC], looks like a typical Wind Super. He has a smile that says, "I'm better than everyone else here,"