Chapter 48:

Goku couldn't keep still as they were taken back to his home. Fighting her was so different from when he had faced Bobbidi. The guy had called himself a warlock, but the only ability Goku saw him use was to take over the minds of others, including Vegeta. However the prince admitted to letting Bobbidi take over his mind to make him strong enough to face Goku. The man had no regrets, but he did admit he did go a little to far with it. Sara just smiles as Imoen jumps up and hugs her. "That was so...amazing!" Sid could only nod as well as the others.

Sara just laughs softly as she rubbed the back of her head. Everyone was so caught up with what was going on, it allowed Anomen to get closer until he was right at her side. She didn't really seem to notice until he took a hold of her hand. She blinks and turns her head, wondering why in the hell he would even make the move. He raised his free hand before she could speak. "You've changed since we last saw another, you've gotten stronger." She lets out a low growl as he tried to move closer.

This did not stop him from making his move however and Vegeta had to try very hard to keep his son from killing this guy. "A part of me hoped our paths would cross again, I know you don't think highly of me My Lady, but..I just want you to hear me out, I still care about you Sara, I don't think there's ever been a moment where you weren't on my mind." He reaches up to touch her face, she twitched, trying not to slap him. "Would you allow me another chance to show you how much I love you?"

That got him a slap as she even knocks him down. He blinks as he slowly had to pick himself up. "How....DARE YOU, you're the one that pushed me away, and last time I remember, you're the one that decided to accuse me of trying to hurt you!" He slowly got back to his feet, rubbing the spot where she slapped him. She was pissed, no she was well past that as she growled at him, her energy sparking. "Did it ever occur to you in that tiny brain of yours to apologize for thinking the worst of me?!"

Anomen went silent before looking down. Once again, she was right, he had apologized, for pushing her, but never for thinking she was trying to infect him. No wonder she didn't forgive him, he didn't deserve it. "Anomen, I don't care if you weren't ready for a serous relationship but you could have at least been honest about it. Hell at least be honest that me being a werewolf always bothered you on some level!" That never did pass through his mind, but somewhere deep inside, it did bother him.

"You have no right to stand there and act like you give a damn about me. The only thing you ever cared about was yourself and how you look. You know, you deserve the Order, you're just like them, a useless waste of space that only jumps in when they feel the need to do so." She had to take a minute to catch her breath, her little rant was making her breath heavier. No one said anything, allowing her to speak her mind to the one person she thought cared about her. She took a minute to collect herself.

"If you really cared that much, then why...why did you push me away?" Anomen looked into her eyes. There was so much hurt and anger behind them. Not that he could blame how she felt. "I wasn't thinking My Lady..." "You never do, and that's your problem..." She moves back as she turns her gaze to Trunks. He hadn't moved, but she could tell he wanted to. "It doesn't matter anymore, you messed up, now you get to live with the choice YOU made." She turns as she walks over to Trunks and he just moves toward her.

"Things change, I know not a lot of time has passed, but enough time has gone by for me to realize people like you never change." Sara turns her eyes back to Anomen, but Trunks this time holds her shoulders to make sure she did try and kill the guy herself. "I've moved on, so should you.." Anomen felt his eyes go wide as he looks at the man behind her. "You...?" She gives him a nod, as well to her friends. "Believe or not he does care about me." He just smiles as he pulls her close.

Anomen could feel his anger rising, but there wasn't much he could do to change her mind. Imoen just smiles as she jumps up and down as Sid shakes his head at her. "You should go..." Whis nods as he takes thiss as his que to step in to take them back. Before they left Sara got more hugs and soon Whis prepared to take them back. She blinks before rushing to say one last thing. "I have faith in just need to learn to make the right choices..." Anomen gave her one last look before she stepped back.

There was nothing left to say as Whis took them to where they belonged. She lets out a low sigh, feeling slightly better after the accounter. She turns her gaze back to her mate as her tail wags slowly. "I...feel kind of better, I mean I feel kind of bad, but honestly had no one to blame but himself for this.." Trunks nods, she didn't need to explain herself, but she handled the whole thing rather well. He just pulls him close and kisses her. "I'd do anything for you, even kill that jerk if he touches you again." She just giggles at that, knowing he would.