Chapter 47:

Sara took a moment to change into her armor as she smirks, pulling her glove on. She really did like this armor, but she had gotten so used to her robes it was hard to change. Beerus just sits back as he moves his tail slowly. Everyone was watching as Whis floats down to the large arena. "This will be a simple match, no flying will be allowed, you fall off the edge, you lose, simple as that.." Trunks leans in, sitting close to his father. "How long do you think she'll last against Goku?" Vegeta lets out a low grunt. "Hard to say, the girls got spirit.."

It was hard to believe how much had changed in such a small amount of time as Sid turned to his group. "What do you think she's been up to?" Jaheira could only shrug. "Hard to say, but even though we parted ways only a month or so ago, she looks...stronger, more confident." Imoen could only nod as she gives Edwin a poke. "Best her magic is stronger than yours now." Edwin just looks the other way, trying not to act impressed. Anomen sat on the edge of his seat, watching.

Deep down, he hoped his small gesture would be enough to show her deep down he still cared about her. Hell who was kidding, he still loved her in spite of the fact she would only glare at him now. Still, he could only hope that he would be able to try again and prove to her that he was worthy of her. Of course little did he know it was a bit to late for that as Whis jumps back and smirks. "You may begin when you're ready."

Goku was still in his super Saiyan form, he was so ready for this fight. Sara remained in her spot as she simply raised her hands in front of her and closed her eyes. Now Goku had never went up against he, so he had no idea what to expect. She moves her hands slowly and both Edwin and Imoen recognized the spell she was about to cast. He could only look up as he saw a large shadow start to form under him. He moves just in time a large icicle hits where he had been. He moves fast, only for another one to land only a few inches from his face. He lets out a yelp as he dodges to the side and flies faster toward her.

She didn't move from her spot however, she just had to wait when he got close enough for her to move her hands in a upward motion. Again Goku was caught off guard when he comes face to face with a large wave of fire just come towering toward him. Goku managed to avoid some of the damage, but part of his gi was now on fire. He panics as he tries to get the flame out. It was time to get serous as he soon goes into the second form. Her tail just moves slowly, waiting. "Man she hasn't moved an inch..." Goten could hardly sit still.

He blinks as he moves close to Trunks and sits to his left where her friends were sitting. "So I guess training in the time chamber did pay off." Trunks just rubs the back of his head. "She was already strong when we went in, but yeah, she improved by finding different ways to use her magic faster. Trust me I fell victim to many of her fire spells, she has tons of them it seems..." Sid and the others just chuckled, that sounded about right. Goku jumps back as he starts to get pumped. "Okay then."

He takes a deep breath as his energy changed from yellow to blue as his hair changed in a second. Sara opened her eyes, her tail moving slowly still. She had never seen anything like it before, but she was more than ready for whatever he had in mind. He moved quick, to quick for even her to see but at least when he tried to punch her, he just hit her shield. She jumps a bit as she moves her hands quickly. Something hits as he feels a jolt push him back. He shakes his hand a bit, wondering what he hit.

"Heh, got my shield, thanks to Trunks I've been able to make this even stronger.." She shots him a smile and he just blushes. She moves this time, bringing her hands up as if to fight him, but in reality, she was just warming up. "Time to get serous..." She snaps her fingers as she creates a bold of lightning. It hits the ground and splits as it rushes toward him. Goku leaped into the air, just barely getting out of the way. However that didn't save him as one of the bolts bounce back and hits him he stumbles a bit as he winces.

Vegeta couldn't believe it, it almost seemed they were on even ground. Goku couldn't get close to her while she just continued to unleash her magic on him. This pushed Goku however as his energy change as she blinks, watching as out of nowhere the color to his energy changes once again as his hair goes back to it's natural color. But his eyes, they were so sharp, so focused that it made her shiver. This was bad and she knew it.

Before she could even defend herself he was able to punch through her shield and she had no choice but to hit back, absorbing some of the impact. She jumps back, panting a bit, thankful she had managed to catch the move in time, but again he seems to come right out of the blue swings, forcing her to once again leap back. She didn't see the edge as she slips, and falls into the endless void below. She blinks when she finds herself in the side lines. "Ah poop I lost..." Goku just powers down and smiles, that was the most fun he had in a long time.