Chapter 46:

Things snowballed as more people joined the group. Krillin and 18 had dropped by to talk about the wedding between Goten and Marron. Even she was there as she got to met everyone. Sara of course had to deal with Master Roshi as he tried to get a little to close for her liking. Of course the old man had no regrets when it came to pretty girls. After the tournament he had pretty much gone back to his old habits. As they continued to pass around different stories Trunks jumps up a bit, rushing over to Goten.

"Hey you think we can still pull of that fusion technique?" Vegeta hated it when Goku had remembered the damn thing. No warrior should ever lower themselves to perform such poses. "Over my dead body will you two ever use that technique ever again, we're warriors, not ballet dancers." Trunks just rubbed the back of his head as Goten just laughs. "Oh come on, its not bad, though it was funny when we tricked Piccolo and Krillin to show us again." Krillin huffs as he crossed his arms. "I knew it, you raskulls!!"

Piccolo who was standing off to the side just frowns, remembering how embarrassed he was doing that damn dance. Vegeta was right it was the most degrading thing he had ever done. Marron just giggles as she joins Goten. "Oh come on, I want to see!!" Sara raises her hand. "Same, how bad can this technique really be?" Vegeta just looks away as he lets out a growl. Goten and Trunks nod as they got themselves ready. No one said a word as they moved together. Sara did have to stop herself from laughing from the poses they made.

Before long they joined together and in a flash of light, only one person stood in front of them. Sara blinks, her ears flicking slightly. She could see why it was called a fusion, it was both mixes of two people, his hair was spiked up with a mix of lavender and black. His eyes were black, and his outfit had changed. "We call ourselves Gotenks .." They even spoke together and it sounded rather odd. "Wow, I can almost see why Vegeta was against this." Sara had to hide her face, trying desperately to not laugh.

They were surprised they were able to pull it off still even after so many years. He gives the air a few punches and kicks, getting used to the feeling once again. They hadn't used this since they had tried to go up against Beerus when he crashed Bulma's birthday party, they were knocked out in two seconds. He even powers up to his super form and smirks. "Just as strong as ever!" They spoke as Goku just smirks, rather proud of the boys. "Hey maybe you two can figure out how to go beyond Saiyan three like that." There was a bit of doubt.

"I don't think we'll ever be able to use the Saiyan blue form, even together we're still only half Saiyan.." But who knows, maybe in time they could figure it out. Imoen just blinks, they had yet to really learn the whole back story behind the whole 'Saiyan' thing. Sara took a moment to fill in the blanks that only Goku and Vegeta were the last of their kind. Their home was long gone, and now lived here, keeping Earth safe. Imoen's eyes go wide. "So..they're from space?"

Sara gives her friend a nod. "Yeap, same with Mr. Green over there." Piccolo just looks the other way. As far as he cared Earth had always been his home even after all the crazy things he had been through over the years. "You see why I've been hanging around here, it's so different..I've learned so much since I've came here!" She blinks as the two split again and Trunks just laughs as Goten falls over. Marron helps him up and kisses his cheek. Goten just smirks as he wraps his arm around her.

They were rather cute together but she looks up as a familiar cat joins in, walking over to Whis. "So this is where you've been hiding...who are they?" Lord Beerus narrows his eyes as Sara jumps up to greet him. "My Lord, these are my friends, Beerus, this is Sid and Imoen, he's the one I told ya about." He nods as he looks the human over. "So you almost became a God, tell me, what made you change your mind, being a God isn't that bad you know."

Sid shuffled a bit, nervous, there was something dangerous about this creature. "I didn't want it, after having my soul taken and becoming the Slayer...I just wanted to have a normal life..." Beerus tilts his head a bit. "The avatar Bhaal used when he was forced to become a mortal.." He could still remember how it felt, but at least the taint was gone. "I see, well that's a shame, so why are you here?" Sara holds her hand up once again. "I asked Whis to bring them along and now that just about everyone is here." She smiles as she turns to Goku. "I believe I owe you a practice match good sir."

Goku looked so ready as he powered up. She jumps and waves her hands. "Not dangerous, I asked Whis to take us somewhere more safe." He taps his staff as he waves his hand for everyone to gather around. "The stage used for the tournament of power still stands, I'll take you there so there's no need to worry about harming someone, this way you two can fight as much as you like." Sara was more than ready as they were taken back to the large void. Everyone not fighting got to sit in the stands that flouted around the arena. This was going to be an interesting fight.