You know you're addicted to the virtual world community your apart of when you bring in real life money to purchase the items you want for your avatar. Honestly though if you're going to be a part of it for a long time or go on daily or even weekly then it is a good investment to put money into an online game. My thinking is as long as you get use out of what you're putting your money into. Let's be honest, we all have put money into online games at least once in our lifetime. I'll be completely honest with you, I've done it countless times. However, Gaia I have put in more than expected not as much as some of the other virtual worlds I have played but I've put a good amount into this. My reasoning is I've been a member of Gaia for many years I started when I was a teenager and now I'm an adult. It's been so long so all the money I have put into this has definitely been worth it in the end. Along, with that, I found someone I got really close to who I now know in real life and only lives about 3 hrs away from me. Who would have guessed that would happen? However, now I'm getting off track from my current post. With this being said, I've been a little addicted to shopping on here as of late, I've discovered highly colorful items were a thing such as sherbert colored, melty kiss colored, confectionary, bubblegum, and rainbow. Back in the day none of this was a thing so I've been addicted to buying items with this scheme.

My avatars current inventory is filled with many of these items now as well as various kawaii, lolita, and some toxic items. Which I have had or received in chance bundles and came to love. Or some are items that I just couldn't sell that are sitting in my inventory waiting to be used or sold. I even have a small stash of items that couldn't be sold that I'm trying to plan outfits around so they don't go to waste. However, when I get male items, I either give it to my Gaia Hubby or I sell it on the marketplace which doesn't always work out in my favor. Honestly, I just want a clean and organized inventory I'd even trade items if I had items someone wanted on their wishlist. When I find something on someone's wishlist that I have and don't want them to spend the money on it I do send a message asking that individual if they would like to trade for an item I do have.

Honestly, one person's loss is another persons gain if I have something someone can benefit from and make an amazing avatar with. Then why would I keep it? especially if I'm not going to use it in an avatar of my own, I'd rather someone else get use out of the item. I don't spend too much real life money in bringing in Gaia cash but I'm trying to keep it to 25$ of Gaia cash a month it used to be more, to be honest and sometimes I feel ashamed that it was. I did have a heavy addiction to getting things for my avatar on here. And the easiest way to get the items I wanted was by uploading Gaia cash. However, now I know if I don't get an item now I'll get an item next time and that's okay by me as now I know the items aren't going anywhere and I can get them when I can.

Happy Chatting
<3 Ellie