Chapter 44:

The rest of the day was spent swapping stories. Of course the Son family got a better idea just what Sara had been up to since now she had her friends to close in the gaps. They all sat outside, enjoying the now calm breeze before winter hit the area. As they spoke Sara could hear, something as she looks up to see a large ship with the Capsule Corp logo on it. It lands and Bulla comes rushing out, her arms straight out. She stops and smiles, a bit of her hair was tied to the side. "So this is where you ran of to."

Vegeta walks off the ship, arms crossed. "Seriously, I've ridden galactic slugs faster than that ship you made..." Bulma just follows after him as she frowns at him. "Well excuse me for not knowing how to fly!" Trunks jumps down as he shakes his head. "I don't know mom, it did seem like it was running slower..." Her friends just blink, never seeing anything like this before. So much for keeping them away from technology. "The technology here is a bit more advance than what we're used to."

Vegeta just keeps his arms crossed as Bulma makes her way over. "So these are your friends, it's nice to met you all, boy he's a tall one ain't he?" She blinks at Sarevok as he just kind of stands there. "Ah he's harmless, kind of hard to act tough around the people that took ya down ain't it?" He narrows his eyes at her. "Trust me, if things had worked out, you would have taken the trip to the Abyss." She just shrugs it off. "Yeah yeah...well this is just about everyone, aside from Yoshimo..but well..."

Sid shakes his head a bit. "He was a good man, it's just a shame Irenicus lied to him. Put him under a spell and forced him to work for the mad man, thinking we killed his sister...Tamoko...who used to work for here, but we never did harm her, in fact we still don't have any idea what really happened." Sara lets out a low sigh. "If I had to guess, Irenicus is what happened..." Trunks slowly walks up to her small group. He wasn't sure who was who, other than Edwin. Imoen smiles as she jabs Jaheira. "See I'm not the only one that dyed my hair pink."

Trunks blinks as he runs his hand through his hair. "It's more a lavender color and it comes from my mom's side of the family, if you hadn't noticed." He smiles as he picks up his sister. "Hey'a." Bulla giggles at them. Vegeta just lets out a low grumble, still trying to figure out why his genetics failed to keep his children's hair black. Bulma just smiles and waves. "It's just nice to met you all, Sara's told us so much." Sara blushes as she looks down. "Just about, well anyways, everyone met..oh hell everyone, we need name tags or something..."

The next few minutes were just everyone meeting everyone as Sara just moved her tail slowly. She felt a tap on her shoulder as she turns to see Anomen of all people. In all the confusion, he had forgotten about what he had found. "My Lady..I apologize for not remembering sooner but a few days ago, I paid a visit to the Adventure Mart and came across this." He reaches into the pocket in her jerkin and pulls out a small ring. It didn't look like much at first glance, but the middle was in the shape of a star and moon.

Her eyes water as she lets out a low gasp, taking it. "My in the nine hells did it end up there?" He could only give her a small shrug. "Alas My Lady Ribald just said someone sold it to him, I remember how you spoke it was stolen from you when you were captured, I honestly didn't expect to find it." She was on the edge of tears as she stood there, it was one of the few personal gifts given to her by Azura herself. "Thank you...I really didn't think I would see this again." She blinks as Bulla takes a look. "It's pretty."

She lets out a low laugh as she ruffles the girl's head. "I got this years ago, lets you see in the dark, but it holds just so many memories, when I woke up in that cage and found it gone, pissed doesn't quiet cover how mad I really was..." She lets out a low growl as her tail whips side to side. Bulla just blinks as she looks up at Anomen. "Is he really a knight?" He smiles at the young girl and nods. "I am young miss, I left my armor with...him." He points to Whis as Sara waves her hand. "You'll get it back relax."

Bulla spots something around his neck and points to it. "Is that a necklace?" Anomen pulls it out, showing her what was on the end of the chain. It was an old silver gauntlet with a open eye in the middle. "This was my mother's, she was a devote follower of Helm, when I became a priest, she gave it to me.." Her eyes sparkle as she leans in, not knowing what he was talking about. Her friends had so many stories to tell that most didn't seem to notice it was getting dark. It was hard for Trunks not to rush her, but she looked so happy.

He turns his gaze however, spotting the man beside her. Vegeta just placed his hand on his son's arm to hold him back. The guy didn't seem like he was worth spilling blood over. However if he tried to pull anything, then Vegeta would be more than happy to let go. Vegeta blinks however as he spots someone just, looking him over. It was Imoen of course. "How do you get your hair to stay up like that?" He lets out a low grunt. "I'm a full blooded Saiyan, our hair never changes from the moment we're born, at least my hair isn't as shameful as that clown over there." Goku just smiles and waves as Sara covers her eyes. "Oi."