Chapter 43:

As Goku got to summoning the dragon, Anomen shuffled a bit, nervous on what the out come might be. "My Lady, what if it turns out it was Saerk, the guards already looked into the matter and found no evidence against him. I don't think telling the magistrate a dragon gave me this...information will sit well." As much as she hated to admit it, he was right. "Well if it turns out that's the case, I still have resources to deal with it..but at least we'll know for sure." The only main reason she was doing this was to give the guy some peace of mind. This way, if it turned out it wasn't Saerk, he wouldn't have made a horrible mistake and killed an innocent man.

The sky got dark as lightning crashed through the sky. Everyone turns as the Dragonballs start to glow and before long, a large dragon takes form and looks down at them. "I am the internal dragon, you have three wishes, speak them now so I may grant them." Sara could feel her ear flick, not knowing they would get three wishes. She shrugs it off for now as she gives Anomen a shove. He could only frown, but it was intimidating to face something so huge. "How...should I ask?"

She rolls her eyes at him a bit. "Just say my first wish is to know what happened to my sister..geeze want me to write it down for ya too?" He tightens his fist a bit at her remark, but turns his gaze to the dragon. "Fine, um...dragon, my wish, my only wish, is to know what happened to my dear sweet innocent sister Moira Delryn." The dragon takes a moment to look into it, using what power it had to gaze into a Universe that was not it's own. Once it finds what it was looking for, he gets an answer. "The mortal you call Moira Delryn, was murdered by none other than the one you call Cor Delryn....what is your second wish?"

No one saw that answer coming as he took a step back. His own father, was responsible for his sisters death. "H-how...what reason would my father have in harming her?" The dragon takes this as his second wish and again uses his powers to look into the matter. "It seems in a drunken rage, he stuck her in the head. He didn't realize what he had done until the next day when he found her in a pool of her own blood...what is your last wish?" Anomen couldn't stop shaking, after all these months.

He had been kicked out of his own home, for nothing. His father had been to drunk to know what he had done, but to try and talk him into murdering an innocent man. He wasn't sure what to be more upset about at the moment. What more could he really ask for, he had all the answers he really needed. Sara takes a slow breath, feeling guilty now for brining this up. "We don't have a last wish..." Goku thinks of something, but decides they didn't need it so the dragon disappeared into the Dragonballs and they split apart until they were found again.

While she still held some anger toward Anomen, not even he deserved such news. His own father, of all people, and there wasn't much they could do about it. There was no point on convecting a drunk man that had nothing to lose anymore. He would simply have to live out the rest of his days knowing he had done something to his precious daughter. It took her a minute or two before taking a step and placed her hand on his shoulder. He didn't back away, he was in to much shock.

She lets out a low deep sigh. She couldn't imagine how hard this was, but he, they all wanted answers as to why no one had done anything about the murder. Now she understood why, the guards couldn't prove anything. "All my life, when my mother died, watching him slip into a drunken spiral, I never could have imagined just how...I should have been there.." She folds her ears own a bit. "And do what, get yourself killed, Anomen...I know this is hard, but think about this for a second."

He turned his gaze to her, his blueish green eyes seemed lost in all the emotions playing through his mind. "The man had to have been long gone for him to raise his hand to her...who's to say you would have been able to stop him. You can't keep blaming yourself for this, your father will have to live with this, until the day he dies that he killed your sister...and Helm help him when he does..." Anomen stood a bit straighter, she was right, how was it she was always right? Maybe it was one of the things he had liked about her before he messed things up.

No one else had said anything about the whole thing. But Goku just pops in, still smiling like he always did. "Hey, don't look so down, even though you didn't use your last wish the dragon will be back good as new and you can wish your sister back!" Anomen jumps at the idea. "But my father cremated her..." Goku shrugs it away. "You can ask the dragon to restore her body, after all I was blown up and I turned out just fine!" Chi-chi lets out a low groan. "Don't remind me!"

It was hard to imagine, but all he had to do was wait. He could wish her back, give her the life she always deserved, away from their drunken father. "Thank you, I shall keep your offer in mind.." It was a shame they couldn't bring back everyone they lost, but even Jaheira knew there was no brining her husband back, not after what Irenicus had done to the poor man. She shivers at the very idea, he was in a better place, at least she could hope he was. Besides, Anomen deserved this wish more than anyone.