Thank you for everyone whom I've meet due my journey.
I have no chance to tell but I love everything whether is good for me or bad for me. ^-^
Even they consider me until now or throw me away from their life, I always will remember the moment we were together.
This will be last clue on my endless walk for seeking the answer.

Due this chance, I start to understand. Even I still not unsure but I want to believe.
Why do I afraid? Because there's no right answer I can get.
They already give me standard I cannot achieve. in other words, I am out of their expectation, I do not need to stay with this person cause I know I never will be.

However... from their eyes, I can see... I've always been feel lonely.
from their part I can see my shadow & my desire cause they try to get my attention.

Once I've touched & taste these, I cannot escape.
That's how all started. and we create everything in order to make everything turn right & all ruined for no reason either you not telling why or is it me who not notice these all happen.

however it's not end. from there, we know each other & the journey still long for says all is ended. who knows if one day will be united again. no one can tell.

for now i want to says, I want to build bridge of hope.
together make it perfect. together stay strong. together we smile & cry.
I cannot be so perfect without you.
so... I won't says I always been alone. through all hard days even i walking alone, I will remember we were together & you've been gave me clue. no sad story anymore.

I will remember.
even so, you are the person who approach me & i appreciate you come to my life.
even you gone now.
I do really hope you had good days in your life without me. ^-^

wishing you be good, wishing you there happy, wishing you have great things around you.

we may never meet again but let says "start with hello & end with good bye"

for me now, try to find out & believe on it.
Thank you for believe on me. even i afraid to step on there, I want to believe you to hold my hand there & guide me. although i afraid get deceived.
i want to believe you there.