Wow! I hadn't realized it had been June 8 since my last post. I really am bad at journaling. I apologize, but it really isn't like anyone is following this journey but me, anyway.

On November 4, 2017, I weighed in (at home where I use to keep track) at 223.0 pounds. My surgeon, Dr. Brice Hamilton, was going to do RNY revision on November 21. I went on the liver-reduction (pre-surgery) diet on November 10 (not the full two weeks he'd required, but that was the day the surgery got scheduled so there was no way to go back in time and uneat what I had the last few days before that). On November 16 Nicole, the scheduler, called and said that they needed to reschedule for December 4, 2017. OK. I handled that. But that gave me from the 16th to the 19th that I could eat, after quite a few days with no food. On November 17 the surgeon called to apologize and also said that I could eat on Thanksgiving. So, I guess now my liver-shrinking diet is only from November 24-December 3, 10 days? Since we don't do anything for the holiday anyway, I probably will go back to the liver-reduction diet on November 20 like I was originally supposed to. Besides, it's a kick-a** weight loss diet! It does make me feel so tired, though. Sometimes I don't have the strength to even lift my arms.

For the liver-reduction diet, I have approximately 10 glasses of water a day, about 40-60 grams of protein via IsoPure prepared drinks, about 1 cup of sugar-free jello, maybe a cup of broth, and maybe one or two sugar-free popsicles. You can see why it's great for weight loss results, but not for a long-term diet. I barely made 7 days and now I'll have to restart and do a full 14 (well, not according to the doctor now but I don't want to risk my surgery just so I can eat a huge dinner that will just make me sick anyway).

Prior to my liver-reduction diet, I had gotten up to walking about 5000 steps a day. I was taking my dog out for nice long walks. However, it was pretty warm hen, too. Once into the liver-reduction diet, I could barely take her out far enough to give her exercise enough to have a bm. I got down to about 1000 steps in a day (although I honestly don't carry my phone everywhere when I'm in the house so there are uncounted steps). I am not doing weight strength training yet because I won't be able to do that after the surgery due to weight lifting restrictions. I'd rather just start it once, not twice. I've been adding "running" to my walks but it's for short bursts so I don't actually count that yet.

As to weight, on November 4, I weighed 223 pounds (I think I said that earlier). On November 16, I weighed 209.8 pounds. My goal was to be at 210 pounds on the day of surgery.The first day I ate (Nov 16) I went up in weight the next day to 211.6 on the 17th. Today (Nov 19th) I am at 211.4. That's still good. My new goal for the surgery date is to be at 205. If I could be at 200 or even 199 I would consider that a miracle!

My goals are:
1) to have a final weight somewhere around 115-130.
2) to run a half-marathon (and kind of a whole one).
3) to participate in a "mud" run or broken skull challenge type thing -- and complete it.

I have many smaller goals along the way -- not just the huge goals -- so don't worry But these three goals are lie my "ultimate" goals for my health. I know things might come along to sabotage them, but this is what I'm aiming for. When I get to a stall in weight loss (usually a few weeks after the surgery) I'll post my measurements. I have them from the 4th of November but for now, I'm looking at weight. When weight comes to a natural plateau for a little while, it will be the change in measurements that gets me through emotionally. That's why I'm saving those numbers -- for when I really need it.

If you have ideas, encouragements, questions, anything at all, please feel free to contact me an I'll chat with you.